Profitable Launch Intensive - Hayley Tapper

You know you’re here to impact the world in a powerful way.

You’ve seen others massively grow their influence, impact and income through the power of digital courses and online group programs, and now you’re ready to do the same.

You’ve got the idea: The course or group program has been brewing in your heart for a while now, and it’s so ready to be shared with the world in a big way.

Even though you feel it to your core that this is your time to step up and share this offer with the world, there is just one problem…

Launching your offer in a way that is PROFITABLE is a mystery to you.

Maybe you’ve tried to launch before and it’s been less than the success you imagined, or maybe you haven’t given launching a go yet because #wheredoievenstart #scaryAF

That is where I step in.


And for the first time ever, I’m sharing all of that with you inside an intimate intensive session, one-on-one, just you and me.

But first of all, let me introduce myself!
Hi! I’m Hayley Tapper!

I’m a Success Mindset Coach, Online Business Strategist and Course Creator for ambitious spiritual entrepreneurs who are fiercely determined to make their mark and create the impact, influence and income they desire.

Hayley Tapper

With a Honours degree in psychology, and an obsession with all things digital marketing and self development, I love helping my clients and course students uplevel their mindset, discover soul-aligned business strategies and tactics, and really dive in and do the work to make the business and life they imagine their reality.

I’m currently based in Bali, and I love exploring the world while running my business from my laptop (#digitalnomad here 🙋). This year I have trips planned to Australia (my home country!), Italy, Paris, Tulum and Florida (and counting!).

Creating and launching courses and group programs has been a game-changer in my business, allowing me to greatly increase my impact, and as a result, my income. Now I’m so excited to offer The Profitable Launch Intensive to you to help you launch your game-changing offer to the world with a (profitable) bang!

So what is The Profitable Launch Intensive?

The Profitable Launch Intensive is a powerful session that will give you the exact strategy and mindset to make your next launch a massive (and profitable!) success. We will cover the three key elements of your launch, and create a customised step-by-step plan of action so that you know exactly how to maximise sales at each phase of your launch.

Your launch plan will be as unique as you are, but here is an idea of the type of topics we will cover and weave into your profitable launch plan:


The Pre-Launch Phase

What can I do now to maximise my chances of success (and profits) when I launch?

  • Creating freebies and opt-ins that will convert to paying clients in your course or group program
  • Strategies and tactics to fill your community with potential clients and customers
  • Methods to create awareness and excitement for your offer so that when you launch people are already waiting with their credit cards

The Launch Phase

What can I do to maximise sales during this phase and not feel ‘salesy’?

  • Strategies and tactics that will maximise your sales and boost your bottom line
  • We’ll cover things like waitlist launching, early bird and full price offers, pricing your offer, selling without feeling salesy, sales mindset and mentally preparing for massive growth.
  • Riding the mindset rollercoaster – we will make sure your mindset is on point for the launch phase as this is the time that your mindset can try to jeopardize your success

The Post-Launch Phase

What can I do to make sure anyone who was ‘on the fence’ about joining signs up?

  • Tactics to make sales even after the launch has officially ended
  • Helping your potential clients to overcome their fear of investing
  • Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally to deliver your course or group program so that your new students become repeat clients and raving fans.

By the end of The Profitable Launch Intensive you’ll walk away with:

  • A tangible, actionable and easy to implement plan to make your launch fun and profitable
  • A clear sales strategy that makes selling feel natural and fun (yes, sales can be fun when you approach selling the way I teach!). No more feeling icky.
  • All your launch questions answered. I hold nothing back and will share everything I know about launching with you so that you feel confident going into your launch.
  • An unstoppable mindset that will help you to go bigger than you previously imagined you could (and call in higher levels of impact, influence and income as a result)
  • Knowing how to create content that will sell your course of group program for you
  • A crystal clear plan and new found confidence that will put the old fear of ‘what if no one signs up’ to rest for good.

Black Friday Sale: 3 spots available at 50% off (normal price: $600, sale price: $300). By application.

The Details

  • Pre-call application form that will give you clarity on your business and offer
  • 2 hour Zoom call where we create your profitable launch
  • 2 weeks of Voxer support following your session so that I can give you ongoing support as you implement.

Plus You’ll Get This Bonus!

Sales Page Review (Valued at $300 USD)

When you sign up the The Profitable Launch Intensive you’ll get a bonus sales page review valued at $300 USD. I will give you feedback on your sales page and identify ways you can make it higher converting (hello more sales!). Feedback will be given on a screenshare video and sent to you to watch as many times as you like.


The Investment




Ok, here’s how it works…

  1. You complete the application form.
  2. I review your application and decide if you’re a good fit for The Profitable Launch Intensive. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours M-F.
  3. If I feel we are a good fit, then I will send you a payment link and a booking link where you will be able to access my private calendar and make your booking.
  4. We will meet on Zoom for our 2 hour Profitable Launch Intensive. Breakthroughs, money making ideas, and a profitable plan ensue.
  5. You will walk away with a clear plan and everything you need to make your launch a success.
  6. We (virtually) pop some bubbly and cheers to your course or group program success!
  7. Following the session, you will also get access to 2 weeks of continued support from me via Voxer (M-F).

Black Friday Sale: 3 spots available at 50% off (normal price: $600, sale price: $300). By application.


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