Wealthy Witches, Heart-Centred Business, and Magical Practices with Afura Nefertiti - Hayley Tapper

Wealthy Witches, Heart-Centred Business, and Magical Practices with Afura Nefertiti

Curious about witchcraft and all things witchy-woo? This week we are joined by Afura Nefertiti, the Rich Witch revolutionizing what it means to sell your soul. She’s leading a coven of boss witches to power and riches, all with a chalice of brut rosé hand! She’s giving a whole new meaning to the age-old question, “if you’re a witch, then why aren’t you a millionaire?”

Afura is an entrepreneurial biz witch extraordinaire who, for the past seven years, has literally made it her business to infuse branding strategy with occult secrets. Afura has developed her own manifestation technique, the Elemental Expansion Method, which takes the guess workout of the Law Of Attraction by grounding it in the foundations of the universal laws of esoteric alchemy. By demystifying High Magick and transmuting it into practical advice for the millennial mind, she’s bringing the power of Wealth Witchcraft to the masses.

Afura is conjuring up a new world order for entrepreneurial enchantresses and transforming the world of internet witchcraft from grimores to Gucci bags! With her online platform, The Way Of The Wealthy Witch, she’s teaching spirited starlets how to use occult wisdom, divination and the secrets of creation to manifest your most luxe life through witchcraft and self-mastery.

Through her courses in magick and manifestation, Afura is fulfilling her Highest Calling to help you identify your soul mission and step into money, power and glory by alchemizing your biggest perceived weaknesses into your greatest super powers. She’s your friendly source of wisdom on how to balance the woo-woo witchy vibes with the tried and true strategies that will help you slay your #goals IRL.

On today’s show we talk about:

  • What being a witch really means and how to start using witchy practices in your business
  • Wealthy witch rituals and practices to manifest the goods like whoa
  • Afura’s top tip for upleveling your money mindset to call in more abundance
  • A magical practice to use in your business to manifest more dream clients
  • What spirit animal guides are, how to find your spirit animal guide and tapping into its energy to step into your next level self

Connect with Afura:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/afuranefertiti/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AfuraNefertiti.WealthyWiseWitch/

Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/wayofthewealthywitch/

Podcast:  https://oddsouldesigns.com/work-it-witch-podcast/

Afura’s listener only offer: https://mailchi.mp/3eb65bd1f823/meditation-bundle-podcast

Connect with Hayley:

Instagram: Instagram.com/hayleytapper/

Facebook: Facebook.com/groups/bossgoddesses/

Website: hayleytapper.com

Enquire about Boss Goddess Business School ($500 discount this week only): hello@hayleyt1.sg-host.com

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