Using Astrology to Discover Your Calling and Grow an Aligned Personal Brand with Bianca Filoteo - Hayley Tapper

Using Astrology to Discover Your Calling and Grow an Aligned Personal Brand with Bianca Filoteo

Sun sign, moon sign, rising sign…  if you aren’t sure what they all mean or how they can help you understand aspects of your personality, emotions and even the masks we wear, today’s show is for you!  I have Bianca Filoteo on and we are going to dive into birth charts and astrology. After being told by doctors that her rare skin disease was incurable mystery and that prescription medication would be used for the rest of her life, Bianca Filoteo decided to take matters with her own hands and discovered the true meaning of health along the way. She left her career as a film & television actress and is now on a mission to empower women to transform their physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health.

Taking a holistic approach, Bianca combines her backgrounds as a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Essential Oils Educator and Intuitive Astrologer to guide women towards passion, purpose and prosperity. In this episode Bianca will read my birth chart live on the interview which was so cool!  Bianca will also give us a little Birth Chart 101, breaking down what a birth chart is a why we should be interested in them.  

On today’s episode we chat about:

  • Why astrology is so much more than your zodiac sign
  • How to use your birth chart to discover your purpose, passion and prosperity
  • Discovering your higher calling using the stars
  • What personal branding has to do with your birth chart
  • Plus what Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s birth charts reveal about their personal brands

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