Living the Freedom Babe Life, Hiring a Team, and Setting Boundaries That Grow Your Business With Kelly Marcyniuk - Hayley Tapper

Living the Freedom Babe Life, Hiring a Team, and Setting Boundaries That Grow Your Business With Kelly Marcyniuk

Every client who has worked with me as wanted to create more freedom in their life, whether that’s the freedom to travel, financial freedom, time freedom, or just the freedom to go to yoga at 10am on a Monday! That’s why I knew I had to get Kelly Marcyniuk on the show! Kelly is your go-to babe for freedom lifestyle inspo, which is why she founded her business, The Freedom Babe.

The Freedom Babe is a platform, brand and tribe that teaches millennial women how to design a life that makes people wonder if you even have a job. Whether you’re building a freedom based business or striving for a life filled with wine + dining and first class travel, Kelly’s got you covered. Kelly believes you shouldn’t have to compromise your freedom to have a career or lifestyle you love – you can have it all.

On today’s episode we chat about:

  • How you can have a luxury lifestyle of travel, shopping, cocktails, and more
  • What having a freedom life REALLY means (and how you can create one!)
  • What a typical week looks like as a freedom babe
  • How Kelly organises her time to create freedom in her life
  • Why setting boundaries are a must if you want to grow your biz
  • When you should hire a team and how to find the best people to work with

Connect with Kelly:

Instagram: @thefreedombabe

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