Hustled hard but still didn’t hit your income goal? Then it’s time to magnetise clients the feminine way. - Hayley Tapper

Hustled hard but still didn’t hit your income goal? Then it’s time to magnetise clients the feminine way.

Are you working really hard to grow your business, but it seems that matter how many hours you sit in front of your screen carefully editing your posts, creating graphics and sending out email newsletters, the income and impact you desire still feels just out of reach?

My love, you may be suffering from a little thing I call hustle syndrome – it’s got you working round the clock whilst telling yourself that “when you book the clients/make the money/get the business off the ground” you’ll give yourself a break and actually enjoy life.

Meanwhile, the clients and income you’re working so hard for? It’s like pulling freaking teeth.

Fear not. In this blog and podcast episode, I will share how to drop this hustle mentality for good, and balance it with your natural feminine magnetism.

Yes you, my love, have something called feminine magnetism. And it is your superpower that will help you easily attract all the things you desire in life – including dream clients!

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The Oh My Goddess Podcast
The Oh My Goddess Podcast
Hustled hard but still didn’t hit your income goal? Then it’s time to magnetise clients the feminine way.

Why are you here?

You’re probably a spiritual woman who has a deep desire to run a thriving business that impacts millions and makes you millions. If you’re anything like me and my clients, you have a deep desire to raise the vibration of the planet.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing this for a while, you know that there is a much bigger level of income and impact that you’re meant to step into. You’re ready to stop striving and pushing for clients, and start attracting them instead.

…and this is where feminine magnetism comes in!

What is feminine magnetism?

I know “feminine magnetism” can sound very poetic and dreamy – but what does it actually mean and what does it have to do with your business?

Have you ever seen a woman walk into a bar and you notice all attention turns to her? People notice her. They are aware of her presence.

It’s not because she is the most beautiful woman in the room, and it’s not because she is wearing the latest designer look. She just has the “something” about her… and that “something” is her feminine magnetism. And you, my love, have that “something” too.

And I know this with absolute certainty because ALL women have that “something,” but most have forgotten it.

A woman has the ability to stop a whole room and command it’s attention simply by knowing that she is worthy of that attention. She is not seeking attention to feel validated, worthy or beautiful, because she already knows she is all of those things and more.

It’s the energy that she exudes that draws in everyone’s gaze.

So, how does this apply to hitting your income goal and booking clients, you ask?

When you don’t need the clients or income to feel successful, worthy, or validated then you will exude that “something” that attracts dream clients with ease.

I had a client in my private business coaching program who hadn’t signed a client in a few weeks and was starting to get worried… I asked her “how would you feel if you booked a client?”

She thought about it for a few seconds and then replied, “I would feel successful, happy, and like I was good at what I do…”

I went on, “OK, and do you feel successful, happy and like you’re good at what you do right now?”

To which she immediately replied, “No, not at all!”

>> and that was it, she was disconnected from her feminine magnetism and was repelling clients as a result! <<

When you NEED clients to feel successful, validated or worthy of doing your soul work, then you will repel them. Feminine magnetism is about dropping the “need” and replacing it with “desire”

You can DESIRE dream clients, but you don’t NEED them to feel successful, validated or worthy.

When we’re connected to our feminine magnetism, a few key things happen that make attracting clients easy

1. You give yourself permission to do the things that are fun, playful and pleasurable (which leads to more clients!)

One of my private clients asked me recently what I thought would be the most program for her to launch next…. To which I replied “what would be the most FUN, EASY, and PLEASURABLE for you to launch? Because that will also be the most strategic ;)” (I didn’t actually yell those words at her – just wanted to emphasise for you!)

When you’re tapped into your feminine magnetism, you give yourself permission to do the things you ACTUALLY want to do, including launching the programs that feel super fun and aligned for you.

And when you’re launching programs that feel fun, easy, and pleasurable to you, you will show up with a much bigger, bolder, and magnetic energy… and that will draw in dream clients to you!

Oh, and that client? She launched a program that she had been putting off for a long time because she thought it was too “fun” and ended up selling the program out in a matter of weeks!

2. You deepen your connection to source/soul/intuition

OK, truth time… when it looks like you’re not going to hit your income goal, have you got down on your knees and prayed (actually, or metaphorically)? Yes? I know you have, because we all have at one point or another…

When you’re connected to your feminine magnetism, praying becomes your first step, rather than your last resort. Praying is all about connecting to your highest self/soul/Universe/whatever word works for you — to help you access the answers that already exist within you.

You already know how to attract the clients and hit your income goal. When you’re connected to your feminine magnetism you will be able to access those solutions by tuning inwards and using prayer as a first step, rather than a last resort.

3. You share your message with deep confidence and certainty

Hands up who has done this… Create post for Instagram, feeling confident, feeling like a boss. Publish said post. And then wait for the likes and comments to flood in… but 10 minutes later after refreshing your feed a gazillion times the only people to interact with your post are your Mum and a bunch or random bot accounts.


When you’re constantly wondering what others are thinking, how the message it landing, how many people will like or comments you’ll get you’re disconnected to your feminine magnetism (which will drive away dream clients!).

When you’re not seeking external validation, you are able to share your message powerfully. Imagine how freeing it would feel to create content to share your message without worrying about how many likes/comments it would get? Imagine how much more powerful and potent you would be in your messaging?

Your job is to share your message, not to worry about how it lands.

And ironically, when you’re not worried about how it lands, it ends up landing really well and attracting in more people (and dream clients!) to you.

Haven’t hit your income goal? Ask yourself this question…

A woman connected to her feminine magnetism knows that everything is happening FOR her, rather than TO her. 

So instead of beating yourself up for not hitting your income goal and making it mean anything about YOU as a person, coach or business owner, get curious…

How has not hitting your income goal served you? How was it in your best interest? What has it provided for you?

It can feel really challenging to shift your perspective this way when all you want is a freaking new client to sign up (I hear you!), but trust me, having a practice of curiosity will open you up to the lessons you need to learn in order to graduate from your current level of impact and income.

So, fill in the blank:

“I am thrilled that I didn’t hit my income goal this month because……”

Let your feminine wisdom lead you to the lessons you need to integrate from this experience (notice that these lessons aren’t anything to do with your apparent lack of worthiness of said clients!).

Here are some lessons that may come up…

“I am thrilled that I didn’t hit my income goal this month because… I can see now that I need to refine my sales skills, I need to be more visible if I want to make an impact, I need to give myself permission to launch the program that I actually want to launch (rather than the one that I’m just promoting because I think it will sell!)…”

What are the lessons that come up for you? Open up your journal and do this exercise now. 

Ready to create the income and impact you know you’re meant for with ease?

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This program is for coaches + creatives ready to rise into the abundant leaders and visionary queens that they know they’re meant to be.

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