Hollie Azzopardi on Getting Paid for Being Yourself - Hayley Tapper

Hollie Azzopardi on Getting Paid for Being Yourself

Hollie Azzopardi on Getting Paid for Being Yourself

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Hollie Azzopardi is a leading Australian Mind, Body & Soul mentor, body love advocate and model, speaker and writer.

Co-host of The Middle Podcast, and published in Cosmopolitan, OK Magazine and Mamamia, her sold out workshops, online programmes and speaking events incorporate a refreshing “no bullshit” approach to living in alignment, following your intuition and pursuing what lights you up.

In this episode, we have a really fun conversation about living in alignment with the soul and being paid for being unapologetically YOU. Hollie shares her journey from getting burnt out in a corporate career to true soul alignment in life and business. Hollie shares her best tips, mindset shifts and practices to do life and business from the soul, and truly create a life you love. She also shares invaluable tips on staying in alignment no matter what is going on in the world around you (coronavirus, bushfires, and floods – I’m looking at you!)

Tune in now to get your ass kicked into alignment in the best way possible!

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