Failure, Alignment, a New Podcast, and Working with the Goddesses

Getting Real – Failure, Alignment, a New Podcast, and Working with the Goddesses

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This year, I started my podcast, and it was called The Boss Goddess Show.

You would notice that I changed the name of the podcast, gave it a whole new look, and branding vibes.

As a coach in the personal development space, there is a pressure that we must always show up and put on the mask that everything is still going well.

In this episode, I will open up on the challenges I had over the past few months and will share all the lessons I learn along the way.

The idea of bringing all this out in the open brought up a lot of fear and what-ifs.

My Connection with Goddess Kali

You must have noticed that I am doing a lot of work with goddesses.

In my situation, Goddess Kali worked her magic!

Goddess Kali showed me the path to seeing my truth. Now I know that those challenges are a normal part of the process so I can go back on track.

Failure is a redirection from the Universe

Failure is a topic that is important to talk about. If you’ve experienced a setback, it can be so easy to judge and blame yourself. When we see failure as a redirection because the Universe always has the grand plan. The Universe knows the right path for you to take. If you take a step in the wrong direction, the Universe will guide you back that might look like a challenge or a failure, but the truth is, it is a redirection.

What is my turning point?

If you have been following me for a little while, you know that Bali has a soft spot in my heart. It is where I built my business when I went fulltime.

Last August, I went back to Bali. I am drawn to this place because Saraswati’s presence is dominant here.

I am still trying to find out what is my mission, and when I was in Bali, all my creativity started to flow.

From that moment, I thought of the podcast, rebranding, and changing up my program.

Saraswati is that one who tapped into my creativity and let out the inner wisdom that is always in me.

The goddesses will help you open your eyes to see what is in front of you, know what you know, and access your inner wisdom to connect with your highest self.

Durga helped me get sh*t done

After my experience in Bali, I came back to Sydney. Although I got all my creative juice flowing, my energy is not there. I cannot execute all the creative vibes from Saraswati.

I think I called on Goddess Durga. She is a total bad-ass. In the past couple of months, I felt that she’s been helping me with relaunching my website, programs, and this podcast.

Overall, the lesson that I wanted to share is that you should be real and share where you are at. Be vulnerable. Enough of the squeaky clean coaching vibes.

The Boss Goddess Challenge

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