Creating 5-Figure Months and a Stand Out Brand with Kristin Kembel - Hayley Tapper

Creating 5-Figure Months and a Stand Out Brand with Kristin Kembel

Creating 5-Figure Months and a Stand Out Brand with Kristin Kembel

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Kristin Kembel is a designer, marketing educator and host of the Create Your Destiny Podcast. After leaving her 9-5 behind to travel the world working remotely Kristin moved from America to Australia for love where she started her current online business Girlboss Designer. Girlboss Designer is a brand and website design business helping women launch and grow beautiful businesses online, so they can share their gifts with the world and create a life filled with freedom and abundance.

In this episode we chat about…

  • The number one thing that helped Kristin create consistent 5-figure months in her design business
  • Practical tips to book dreams clients and get started in your online business
  • The mindset that is crucial to making sales easy as an online entrepreneur
  • What a brand actually is (it’s more than your logo, fonts and colours!)
  • The biggest mistakes new coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs make with their brandings (plus how to fix them fast)
  • Easy and actionable advice to create a stand out online brand that attracts your dream clients

Tune in now!

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