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Branding, Websites for Newbies, and Modelling for Nike with Lauren Tamayo

On today’s episode we chat with Lauren Tamayo. Lauren is an international model turned brand and web designer for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. She designs simple yet purposeful websites while also supporting her clients to establish an online presence that both inspires and seamlessly connects them with their ideal customers and clients.

Lauren got a taste for travelling when she moved from the US to Singapore for 3 months to model. After that she knew she wouldn’t be content with traditional 9-5, and so after returning to the US to complete her degree, Lauren booked a one-way ticket to Bali and started her branding and design business. As Lauren shares in the episode, it has been a wild ride since then, but she is so glad she took the leap of faith and started her business!

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Lauren’s journey from being an international model and working with brands like Nike, and KFC to starting her own branding and web design business
  • Why having a professional looking website is important for new and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • The biggest mistakes newbies make on their websites and how to avoid these no-no’s
  • Lauren’s top tips for creating a beautiful website that magnetises your dream clients
  • Copywriting and visual branding basics for newbies,
  • How to travel and run a freedom based business
  • The mindset that has helped Lauren create her rich and radiant life

Lauren is also our resident Tech Expert in Boss Goddess Business School and will be supporting the ladies in the program  to create beautiful websites they are proud to share with the world! This is the last week that you can save $500 off your spot in Boss Goddess Business School, so if you’re a new or aspiring online entrepreneur then head to to get all the details and to join!

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