6 Tips to Create A Successful 6-Figure Business with Ease

6 Tips to Create A Successful 6-Figure Business with Ease as a Female Entrepreneur

If you’ve decided that THIS is your first 6-figure year, then you’re in the right place! Here are my top 6 tips to help you go from struggling coach, creative or spiritual teacher, to booked out 6-figure business owner!

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The Oh My Goddess Podcast
6 Tips to Create A Successful 6-Figure Business with Ease as a Female Entrepreneur

Tip 1: Create a Clear 6-Figure Income Plan (Here’s How)

So, you’ve set the intention that this is going to be your first 6-figure year in business (yay!). It’s not enough to set the intention and leave the rest to the Universe, you need to co-create your 6-figure business by doing your part. And the first important thing you can do is create a plan for how you will generate 6-figures in your business.

Making a 6-figure income plan will serve as your guide, and show you that it’s possible. It doesn’t mean that we have to be super rigid and stick to this plan like it’s life or death (because it’s not!). Think of it more as a roadmap – you may take some different turns, but ultimately you’re heading towards your destination: a 6-figure business!

To make a 6-figure income plan, first write down the programs or services you would like to sell and their price points. 

For example, you might sell private coaching packages for $4000, a group coaching program for $1500 and a course for $500.

Next, for each month of the year, decide how many new clients or students you would like to book into each program.

For example your months might look something like this:

Month 1: Book 3 clients at $4000 per client = $12,000

Month 2: Book 7 group coaching clients at $1500 per client = $10,500

Month 3: Book 20 course students at $500 per student = $10,000 

To make 6-figures throughout the year, aim to be selling at least $8500 per month.

You can use this easy spreadsheet to plug in your numbers to see how many new clients you would need to book each month to make 6 figures.

Tip 2: Give Your Money a Purpose

Remember when when you asked your Dad for a few dollars as a kid and he wouldn’t just give it to you, he would always ask “what’s the money for?”

The Universe is just like your Dad, it wants to know what the money’s for before it gives it to you.

When money has a clear purpose, it’s easier for it to flow to you because YOU know that you’re not just making money for money’s sake, you’re making it for a very specific purpose. And that purpose must feel exciting and energising to you so that you’re motivated to go out and get it!

Getting clear on the purpose for your money will help you to connect to what it would be like to create this level of abundance, which will energise and inspire you to make it happen.

As a 6-figure earner, how much money will you assign to each of the following areas (feel free to add more as needed!):

  • Savings (and what are you saving for?)
  • Investing (and what do you want to invest in?)
  • Necessities (like rent, food, bills)
  • Clothes, accessories and beauty
  • Travel and holidays
  • Personal development
  • Health and Wellness
  • Lifestyle

Now that you know what the money is for, it will be easier for it to flow to you.

Tip 3: Embody Your Mission and Message 

It can be easy to get into the hustle of constantly trying to book the next client that you lose touch of why you actually started your business in the first place – to live your higher purpose and share your message.

People will be drawn to work with you when they see you really living your purpose and embodying your message. When they see you living your life in alignment with your higher purpose, it inspires them to do the same. And people will want to work with you when they feel inspired by you, so embodying your message and living in alignment with your purpose will not only feel good, but it will also help you grow your business to 6-figures and beyond.

So, it’s time to close your laptop (after reading the rest of this article, obvi), and do something that helps you live your message.

Whether that’s taking time out for a meditation, a walk in nature, making a delicious meal with your partner, going to a goddess circle, or anything else — go do it!

Be the example of what is possible when you embody your message and people will be lining up to work with you!

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Tip 4: Increase Your Visibility on Social Media

The more people that are seeing your valuable free content online, the more they will want to find out how to work with you. So, if you want to grow to 6-figures focus on increasing your visibility online and getting more eyes on your high-value free content!

Now, don’t stress, I’m not saying you have to make MORE content. You just need the content that you’re making to get in front of more people.

Most coaches, creatives, and spiritual teachers think they need to create more content, and are spinning their wheels trying to come up with more captions for Instagram, more blog post ideas, more livestream topics, etc.

What smart entrepreneurs are focusing on is leveraging their content further. As a rule of thumb, you should spend twice as much energy promoting your content as you do making it. Promoting your content is what will get it into the hands and hearts of more people, and that is what will increase your impact and income.

So ask yourself, what can you do to increase the visibility of each piece of content you’re creating? Can you repurpose it in multiple places? Or share it on multiple platforms?

In my upcoming mastermind, Slay With Soul, we’ll be supporting you to create a powerful content strategy to leverage every piece of content further, freeing you up to do more of what you love! If you’ve ready to do the practical and energetic work to rise into 6-figures with ease, you can apply for a spot in the mastermind here.

Tip 5: Set Boundaries to Create Space for Your 6-Figure Business

Hands up if you’re guilty of tolerating things that you really don’t want to tolerate in your business or life?

Maybe you’re tolerating late payments from clients, or clients asking for discounts?

… or maybe you’re tolerating clients expecting you to do sessions on the weekend?

… or maybe you’re tolerating eating unhealthy foods because you never have time to stock the fridge?

Is your hand up?! Because even though I may not know you, I know that you’re tolerating things right now that you wouldn’t tolerate if you had a 6-figure business.

How can I be so certain? Because you get what you tolerate. What you tolerate is showing others and the Universe what we are available for.

All the things that you are currently tolerating (and hoping that one day will be different once you have a 6-figure business) are zapping your energy and actually preventing you from creating a 6-figure business.

Think about it…

How would you act if you had a 6-figure business now?

What would you no longer tolerate if you had a 6-figure business?

What boundaries would you set to protect your energy if you had a 6-figure business?

By setting those boundaries now, you will free up energetic, emotional and physical space to actually manifest the 6-figure business you want rather than just tolerating the business that you currently have.

Tip 6: Surround Yourself With Women Who Inspire You to Go for Your Dreams

When you’re building your business at home from your laptop (and let’s be honest, probably in your yoga pants and a sweat top!), it can feel lonely. Having a community of women around you (whether in real life or online) will keep you accountable, inspired and amplify your own momentum to call in 6-figures faster!

I know that when I joined my first mastermind, it was a total game changer for me and helped me to grow my business quickly, easily and with a whole lot more fun!

Women have been coming together in circle and community to support each other since the beginning of time, and finding a community will undoubtedly help you reach 6-figures faster!

If you’re looking for an intimate community of high vibe women just like you who are taking their businesses to 6-figures and beyond this year, then I invite you to apply for a spot in my 6 month mastermind! With me as your coach, and this amazing group of women by your side, you will be making 6-figures with ease in no time.

For more information and to apply, click here.

To wrap up…

OK, there you have it! My 6 tips for creating a successful 6-figure business with ease! What tip do you most need to implement? Comment below and let me know!

Make sure to grab your free 6-figure income planner spreadsheet!

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