Dancing with disappointment[lessons from a launch that flopped] - Hayley Tapper

Dancing with disappointment[lessons from a launch that flopped]

The Oh My Goddess Podcast
The Oh My Goddess Podcast
Dancing with disappointment[lessons from a launch that flopped]

What’s worse than no one signing up for your group program or course? A handful of people, but not enough to actually run the program… (because then you actually have to tell them!)

Well, my loves, in my 4 years of running group programs I haven’t had to face that fear… until now.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast lately, you would have heard that I was recently launching Feminine Business Academy (FBA). FBA was due to start at the beginning of February, HOWEVER instead of sending out an email welcoming all my students into the program, I instead sent them an email letting them know that we didn’t get enough enrollments to move forward.


Literally my worst nightmare when launching came to life.

In this episode and blog post I unpack what was happening behind the scenes, and what practically went “wrong” with this launch that led to this result. Keep reading or hit play now to dive in!

My Priorities

I’ll be honest – it’s tempting to try to brush this under the rug and not talk about it (it would certainly feel a lot easier!). However, it also wouldn’t be in integrity or alignment. My priority in navigating this is to be of service to my clients in FBA and find solutions that work for each of them (including full refunds, of course) AND serving you, my listeners, by actually sharing this publicly and not keeping it quiet.

By having conversations about the parts of business that don’t go to plan I hope to create a more transparent look into the ups and downs that are normal in business. So, with that being said, I would like to share the biggest lessons I learned from this launch…

Lesson 1: Put your health (and mental health) first

Behind the scenes I’ve been navigating heartbreak, grief, and anxiety and have had a lot of old wounds coming to the surface to be released. You can never really plan when these things will come up, but let’s just say that having them come up during a launch is not ideal. Because of this I tried to “mindset” my way back to positivity (hello, toxic positivity!) and essentially pushed the feelings down, promising myself I’d process them after the launch.

In retrospect I can see that this was just me trying to bypass my experience and the Universe and my highest self was not buying it. No matter how much mindset work I did, my energy and motivation was low. I knew that FBA was a great program and totally believed in it’s value, but no amount of mindset work will get you a “get out of jail free” card with your emotions – you gotta feel them to heal them.

Lesson 2: Differentiate your offers

A principle I always teach my clients (and clearly needed to be reminded of!) is to make your offers distinct from each other. Throughout the FBA launch I had women reaching out saying that they were trying to decide between my private coaching program and FBA (and most ended up choosing private coaching). Why? Because the two programs were similar in a lot of ways thereby creating competition between them. 

Ultimately this launch was great for attracting private clients, but not so great for the group program! This also goes to show that it wasn’t a money thing – these clients ultimately chose my private coaching (which is at a higher price point than the group program).

Lesson 3: Do business your way

There is a belief in the coaching industry that the way to scale and leverage your time is through running groups rather than 1:1 programs. Even though I LOVE running 1:1’s I was putting pressure on myself to run a group program because it’s what I thought I should do. Hot tip: anytime you think you “should” do something, it’s probably not something your soul is calling you to do. 

This launch gave me the opportunity to come back to the areas of my business and services that I love and want to deepen into, and to release the story that you need to have groups to scale. 

To wrap up 

I know it sounds cliche, but there really is no failure when you’re able to learn the lessons. Even though I deeply believe in Feminine Business Academy as a program, I trust that it wasn’t meant to be birthed into the world at this time and that there is a bigger plan unfolding.  To the women that were in Feminine Business Academy, I’m so grateful first of all that you stepped into that container, and secondly that you showed me so much love and understanding when you got the news that the program wasn’t moving forward.

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