Creating True Wellness in Mind, Body and Soul with Bec Russell - Hayley Tapper

Creating True Wellness in Mind, Body and Soul with Bec Russell

The Oh My Goddess Podcast
The Oh My Goddess Podcast
Creating True Wellness in Mind, Body and Soul with Bec Russell

This week on The Oh My Goddess Podcast I’m chatting with Bec Russell. Bec is a holistic wellness coach, yoga and meditation teacher, soulful creative and host of the Way To Wellness Podcast.

Bec’s mission is to work with women who are willing and ready to step into their power, take control of their health and their life, and show up as the best possible version of themselves. Bec takes a balanced and holistic approach when it comes to wellness combining yogic wisdom, the cycles of nature, and cultivating balance in mind, body and soul.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How to uncover your unique version of wellness
  • How to cultivate balance in your life (even when you feel too busy)
  • How to connect with your intuition to guide your wellness journey (and stop comparing yourself to the health influencers on Instagram!)
  • Bec’s favourite and simple health and wellness practices that you can incorporate into your day
  • How to work with the cycles of nature, including your menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the seasonal cycles
  • How to lovingly draw boundaries to protect your energy and create space for you to deepen your wellness journey

Connect with Bec:

Wellness: @_becrussell

Branding: @soulful.creative

Podcast: @waytowellnesspodcast

Connect with Hayley:


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