How to Embody Your Inner High Priestess in Intimate Partnerships with Lee Noto - Hayley Tapper

How to Embody Your Inner High Priestess in Intimate Partnerships with Lee Noto

The Oh My Goddess Podcast
The Oh My Goddess Podcast
How to Embody Your Inner High Priestess in Intimate Partnerships with Lee Noto

Lee Noto shares how to embody your Inner High Priestess, so that you can create deep, intimate partnerships. Her mission is to help women feel empowered and free in their expression, and in this episode she shares her best practices and tools to communicate with an open heart, have your needs and desires met, embody your boundaries and ultimately boldly open your heart in order to give and receive the epic love you desire. 

In this episode Lee shares…

  • How to embody your inner High Priestess to create deep intimate partnerships
  • How to take responsibility for your own experience in partnership (and how to not blame yourself what is not yours to hold)
  • How to be a masterful heart open communicator in partnership
  • How to practice nonviolent communication to have your desires seen and met
  • A powerful 3 part process for setting boundaries in your partnership

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