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3 Things You’ll Do Differently When You Run Your Business From Your Feminine

After helping over 1000 women start and grow their businesses by harmonising their inner feminine and masculine energy, I’ve noticed some common changes that happen when they make the shift into running their business from their feminine. In this podcast episode and blog I’m sharing the 3 biggest things you’ll do differently when you run your business from your feminine!

How many are you already doing? Listen now to find out.

The Oh My Goddess Podcast
The Oh My Goddess Podcast
3 Things You’ll Do Differently When You Run Your Business From Your Feminine

But first, let me cover what running your business from your feminine actually means!

The Role of Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business

Growing up, we are typically taught a masculine way of achieving success – set goals, work hard, focus on the outcome, and don’t stop until you get there. This approach/energy is important and needed and definitely has a time and place, but what has happened in the process is that we have ignored our feminine qualities that are also equally important in magnetising success.

Your feminine qualities include intuition, creativity, being in flow, prioritising pleasure, and more. Where the masculine is focused on the outcome, the feminine is savouring the experience of moving towards the outcome. Where the masculine is linear and logical, the feminine is flowing and chaotic (in a good way!).

When we focus solely on one of these two energies, we find ourselves feeling out of balance in our business (and not creating the results we desire!).

So… what is a feminine business?

Running a business from your feminine (or having a feminine business) is not about only being in your feminine energy. It’s actually about creating a beautiful harmony between both your inner masculine and feminine. Most of us tend to be more in our masculine when it comes to starting and growing a business (what’s the goal? What do I need to do? What strategy do I need to implement?).

Allowing your feminine energy to guide your business will mean that you are expressing your creativity, allowing yourself to be guided by soul or intuition (or insert the word that works for you), prioritising what feels pleasurable and fills you with joy, and creating spaciousness in your schedule so that you can experience all of the things that are important to you (not just work on the business 24/7).

Sounds amazing, right? In order to create this we actually NEED your masculine as well. Your masculine creates the containers in which your feminine can then flow and be expressed. For example, if you’re wanting to book your first paying client, your masculine energy would create the plan, decide on the marketing and sales strategy, and stay focused and committed to completing the plan until you have achieved your goal of booking your first client. With those masculine containers and processes in place, your feminine will now feel safe to be fully expressed. You’ll feel grounded in your plan (masculine), which means you’ll be able to relax, feel into your intuition and creativity, connect with your pleasure, and flow through your plan with ease (feminine). The end result? A business that feels fun, spacious, grounded and abundant!

But is it about gender?

No, but that is a common misconception! Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, we ALL have masculine and feminine energy within. Think of it as “go” and “flow” energy – we all have the ability to get stuff done (masculine/go) and to also relax and enjoy the process (feminine/flow).

However, most of us are either more dominant in our masculine or feminine energy. For most (but not all) women identifying being our dominant energy is feminine, and for most men identifying beings (but not all) their dominant energy is masculine. Of course there are lots of caveats to this, but the bottom line is that it is not about gender but about universal energies that are independent of gender.

OK, so without further ado, let’s uncover the 3 biggest things you’ll do differently when you run your business from your feminine:

1. Your Business Won’t Be Number One

As feminine beings we want so much MORE than a profitable business. We want to do work that we love, that impacts the world, and that we get paid abundantly for AND we still want so much more. 

The number one desire of the feminine is love and connection, and the number one desire of the masculine is passion and purpose. So for feminine beings that are stepping into running their business from their feminine, they actually realise that they don’t want their business to be their top priority all the time (and they are totally ok with that!).

When feminine beings give themselves permission to prioritise what is truly important to them (usually love and connection) that fills them up and nourishes them meaning that when they do come to their business they are able to show up so much more and from a place of feeling completely emotionally nourished. 

Now of course this doesn’t mean that your work and purpose aren’t extremely important to you! It just means that they might not be AS important to you as love and connection – and there is nothing wrong with that.

2. You’ll express ALL of who you are

Are you tired of trying to fit yourself into a cookie cutter formula or business blueprint? Yeah, that’s your feminine yelling at you to let her lead the way!

When your feminine is in the lead in your business,  you realise that you can fully express all of who you are, and that that is more than enough to magnetise the people that are meant for you. This actually feels so much easier than following a strict and rigid blueprint, because you don’t have to second guess yourself or make sure you’re following a formula – you just get to be you (ALL of you) and you will attract clients and success that way.

Of course, this can feel incredibly challenging for your feminine core – for most of history we have been persecuted for being fully expressed (think burning the witches, etc), so we have deeply ingrained trauma around it not being safe to fully express ourselves.

This is where my work is so important – we heal this deep held wounding so that you can feel free and safe to be all of who you are (and with that self expression call in clients with ease!). Click here to find out more and join my program.

3. You’ll be inconsistent (and still get results)

What? Don’t we need to show up everyday and take massive action in order to get ahead in business? Actually, no.

Running a feminine business means that you are working with your natural energy cycles (whether they are connected to your menstrual cycle, lunar cycle or your intuition). The feminine is cyclical in nature, and knows that periods of rest and going inward are just as important as periods of action and external focus.

The beauty in this is that the more you honour your cyclical nature, the more energised and vibrant you will be. There is a common fear that if you give yourself permission to rest, you will fall behind. But actually the opposite is true – when you give yourself permission to rest AND drop all the guilt and limiting stories around it so that you can actually properly rest you end up being so much more productive and energized in your period of action.

So there you have it! The 3 (biggest) things you will do differently when you run your business from your feminine! Which ones are you already embodying? Which ones would you love to embody at a deeper level? Come connect with me on Instagram and let me know!

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