Discover Your Intuitive Gifts with Jessie Reid - Hayley Tapper

Discover Your Intuitive Gifts with Jessie Reid

The Oh My Goddess Podcast
Discover Your Intuitive Gifts with Jessie Reid

Jessica Reid is a Global Clairvoyant, Channel and Founder of and!

Jessica’s expertise is to connect and communicate with Spirit to bring through guidance along your highest path, although she is even more passionate about helping you to utilise your own intuitive gifts – so you can have your Spirit Guides on speed dial too!

But she’s also just a fun, girly-girl, who travels, loves
horse riding & camping out in nature!

In this episode we chat about:
How Jessie discovered she was intuitive
How to connect with your spirit guides
The 4 main intuitive gifts
How to discover what your dominant intuitive gift is (make sure to let us know on Instagram what your main intuitive gift is!)

Enjoy the episode!

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Instagram: @jessicareidclairvoyant

Spirit Girls Group

Quiz: Which Type of Spirit Channel are you?

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