4 Stages of Burnout for Female Entrepreneurs with Jolinda Johnson - Hayley Tapper

4 Stages of Burnout for Female Entrepreneurs with Jolinda Johnson

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4 Stages of Burnout for Female Entrepreneurs with Jolinda Johnson

Feeling run down, stressed or exhausted from growing your business? You’re not alone. Burnout is common in the coaching industry, and in this episode Women’s Health Coach Jolinda Johnson (M.S.Ed., CHHC), breaks down the 4 stages of burnout and what you can do to reduce stress and balance your hormones whilst still building your successful empire! 

Jolinda Johnson is a Women’s Health Coach (M.S.Ed., CHHC), mentor, and Priestess who’s passionate about helping brilliant women master their stress and protect themselves against burnout so they can create big, bold lives as visionary leaders who were meant to shine.

She’s over the version of health we’re constantly being sold as women and is much more concerned with the things that actually make us feel vibrant and alive: living in harmony with our hormones and menstrual cycles, answering our soul’s callings, and feeling safe in our skin. Always.

By the end of this episode you’ll:

  • Know how to identify what level of burnout you’re experiencing
  • Have simple steps to take to overcome burnout
  • Know the biggest factors that impact your hormone health and overall wellbeing and how to harmonise your hormones
  • Have simple health strategies for busy women that will give you more energy and vitality

Tune in now!

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