Feminine Energy and Selling with Ease - Hayley Tapper

Feminine Energy and Selling with Ease

The Oh My Goddess Podcast
Feminine Energy and Selling with Ease

Selling gets to be easy and natural – when you’re tapped into your feminine. In this episode, Hayley unpacks the role of the feminine in magnetising clients, manifesting money, and selling with soul. Listen now to start attracting clients with your natural feminine magnetism!

In this solo episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between healed and unhealed feminine
  • How selling gets to be easy when you’re in your feminine
  • How to never feel “icky” about selling again
  • How to actually get paid for being YOU (and let go of all the “proven sales formulas” that feel so forced)
  • The 3 things you need to start magnetising sales and clients with your feminine energy 

This is a super fun and juicy episode! I seriously had such a ball recording it! Please let me know what you think over on my Instagram! (link beblow)

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