What It Will Take to Effortlessly Elevate into Success in the New Year

2020 Energy Prediction – What It Will Take to Effortlessly Elevate into Success in the New Year

Hi Babes! Super excited to share this week’s episode with you! It’s a little different than my usual format – this week I’m sharing a recording from a Facebook Live where I share the themes and lessons that we are collectively completing in 2019, and the energy we are stepping into in 2020.

If you’ve felt that this year has served you up a lot of lessons hard and fast, you’re not alone. We have collectively been going through a period of completion – completing old lessons, releasing old identities, and ending old contracts.

The exciting news? We have cleared the slates to step into a whole new age of light, and are collectively rising into more strength, truth, power, and ease.

In this episode, I discuss how to unpack and review your year so that you can complete and release anything that needs to be let go of so that you can elevate into your most abundant and successful self.

I also share how to energetically prepare yourself for massive uplevels as we move into the New Year, and how to call in all that you desire with ease and grace.

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