Money Magic - Hayley Tapper

Money Magic

A 21 day journaling course to step into the wealthy woman you were born to be.

Hands up if you're ready to drop the struggle around making money and step into your next level of wealth with a whole lot more ease and fun?

NEWSFLASH: Manifesting those dreaming income goals you keep setting
doesn't have to be hard work, a struggle or feel impossible.

But it does require a money mindset makeover and a lil bit of magic!

It's time to say goodbye to:

  • Overwhelm, stress, and worry around your finances
  • Over working and under earning
  • Hitting income plateaus and ceilings
  • Hoping and praying you’ll book clients this month

Money is meant to be easy.
Money is meant to be a source of joy.
Money is meant to feel abundant.

It’s time for you to make a little bit of money magic so that you can step up into the wealthy woman you were born to be.

Now imagine this...

Waking up feeling refreshed and energised, and opening your journal to dive into your money journal practice that unlocks the magic to manifesting those dreamy money goals you’ve been setting, and helps you call them in like a queen.

Crafting my own money journaling practice over the past year or so that aligns my mindset with wealth, clears the limiting beliefs that were blocking me from abundance, and inspires me with new, exciting ways to call in the money I desire has been a game changer in my business.

This insights I've got from this journaling practice has helped me call in more and more money, with greater and greater ease (like $15k-$26k months kinda money!).

My money journaling practice has helped me to:

  • Create a 6-figure business that feels aligned, fun, and easy
  • Book dream clients who pay in full consistently
  • Have a $10K+ weekend while I was hanging out with friends at the beach
  • Launch multiple sold-out programs with ease
  • Clarity on the steps I needed to take to consistently grow my business and bank account

Ready to journal your way to abundance?

I’ve taken the best-of-the-best of my money journal practices, and put them into a 21 days course for you.

I’m calling it Money Magic, because that’s exactly what it is – magic!

Money Magic

A 21 day journaling course to step into the wealthy woman you were born to be.

Over 21 days you’ll get 21 of my best journal prompts that will totally makeover your money mindset and have you manifesting money like whoa.

It is designed to help you release the beliefs, thoughts and habits that are holding you back from stepping into your next level of wealth.

No matter where you are in business (manifesting your first $1K, $10K, or $100K), this money journaling course will help you break through to those dreamy income goals you want to be hitting.

What does this course cover?

Part 1: Designing Your Wealthy Life

Learn the secrets to creating your wealthy life by design. You really can have whatever you want, and in this section you’ll learn how to design your wealthy life in a way that feels aligned AF. Clarity is power, and you will leave this section of the course feeling fired up and ready to create your wealthy life.

Part 2: Money Mindset Makeover

Wealthy women think differently about money. Period. In this section you’ll uncover the deep held beliefs that have stopped you from calling in the money you desire. You’ll also discover how to release those nasty money nabbing beliefs so that you can let the money flow into your life and business like a total boss.

Part 3: Manifesting Money

Let’s make some money, honey! The final part of the course is all about the art of manifesting money so that you can call in those dreamy income months. Hitting bigger and bigger income goals doesn’t have to be hard work, and in this section you’ll discover how you can manifest money with a whole lotta ease and grace. Your bank account will thank you for it!

In this course you'll get...


Each day I will send you a money journal prompt designed to activate your money manifesting powers. I have carefully selected these journal prompts from my own journaling practice that has helped me have the breakthroughs to reach six-figures and beyond in my business. I know they will be a game changer for you too.


With each journal prompt you will also receive an audio note from me to explain the money concepts you are exploring in your journal prompts, and to keep you inspired, motivated, and manifesting that monaaay.


I’ve designed this course to be taken again and again so that you can continue to call in more and more money with greater and greater ease and fun. So, at the end of the 21 days you’ll receive a downloadable booklet containing all the money journal prompts for you to come back to as often as you want. Unlimited journaling = unlimited results!


Want to get your medi on? I got chu. I have recorded a high-vibe money manifesting meditation that you can download to your phone to meditate on-the-go. This meditation will help amp up your money vibes, and have you feeling abundant AF. I recommend daily use.


In this video series, you’ll learn the 3 major mindset shifts it took for me to go from “will this everrrr work” to making 6-figures doing work I freaking love (and I KNOW these are shifts you’ll need to make to grow your biz too!). Your natural state is to manifest *more than enough* money in a way that feels fun and easy. If that’s not currently where you’re at then this video series will help you let go of the money-repelling beliefs that are making it hard for you to grow your business and bank account.


Want to manifest money with me? In this 5 day challenge I’ll share my biggest tips, tricks and money manifesting strategies that have helped me go from $0 to 6-figures in my business. I’ll teach you how to combine spirituality and practical steps to manifest your income goals like never before! Pre-recorded and yours for life!

This is for you if...

  • You’re ready to stop struggling to hit your income goals (whether that’s your first $1K, $10K, or more – this works on ALL levels)
  • You want more ease, flow, and fun in the process of manifesting your money
  • You want to do away with the beliefs, thoughts and patterns that are holding you back from the income (and life!) you desire
  • You’re already in business, thinking of starting a business, in the corporate world, or currently aren’t working – as long as you have the desire to call in more money, this course will work for you regardless of your job/business/work status
  • You feel like you’re meant for so much more than what you’re currently experiencing and earning, and you’re ready to step up and claim it
  • You want to create space to uplevel your money mindset so that you can call in those dreamy income goals of yours

How the course works

You can get started with this course whenever you like! As soon as you sign up you will get instant access to Day 1, and then the following days will be released to you a day apart for the entire 21 day program. Each day you will receive an email with that days money journal prompt, money audio file, and any related bonus material.

At the end of the 21 days you’ll receive the downloadable Money Journal Prompt Booklet so that you can refer back to the journal prompts as much as you like to continue getting results.

The bonuses will be released to you throughout the course so that you have time to explore the journal prompts and bonus material as it’s released to you (there’s nothing worse that signing up for a course and having ALL the material dumped in your inbox at once #hellooverwhelm). I’ve intentionally spaced out the content so that you have time to implement and get results.