Money Goddess - Hayley Tapper

You’re determined to grow your business and bank account,
but you’re frustrated that no matter what you do, the money just. isn’t. flowing.

You’re ready for money to be fun.

You’re ready for money to be easy.

You’re ready to unleash your inner Money Goddess.

  • Sick of telling yourself month after month that THIS will be the month that you hit your business income goal, but you’re getting a little tired of telling yourself the same thing without seeing the money manifest
  • Trying to keep the faith that the clients will come and the money will start flowing in your business, but you’re ready for the Universe to start pulling its weight!
  • Trying to stay consistent with writing abundance cheques, praying, visualising and vision boarding, but your bank account isn’t growing
  • Trying ALL the strategies, hoping that one will finally work to bring in the money and clients you need
  • Feeling stressed about signing new clients, and even though you’re trying your best, it just doesn’t seem to be working
  • Pretty certain you just might scream if another well meaning family member or friend asks you again if you’re making enough money in your business yet to quit your job yet (because the truth is, you’re far from it!)
  •  Anxious when you’re waiting for your card to approve at the checkout, and always have an excuse rehearsed in your mind just in case it declines
  • Constantly worrying that you’re charging too much for your offers, or too little, and so you can never land on a price point that feels good to you
  • Feel flustered and uncomfortable talking about your prices with potential clients and customers, and so you usually rush through the conversation or avoid it all together
  • You hand out your services for free, or seriously undercharge, because you feel guilty asking for the prices you desire
  • Have clients who can’t wait to pay you in full, and a bank account that reflects the immense value you’re bringing to the world
  • Finally be able to proudly tell your family and friends that your business is taking off and you have plenty of clients and customers coming to work with you, become the profitable entrepreneur that you know deep down you’re meant to be
  • Discover how to make money in a way that feels fun and easy instead of stressful and hard
  • Break through to your next income level – whether that’s your first $1K, $10K, $100K or more!
  • Be able to quit your job and go full time in your business because you know that it will continue to grow and support you financially
  • Know that more than enough money was constantly flooding your business and bank accounts so that you never had to worry about money again
  • Pay bills as soon as they came in without even thinking about it because you have an abundance of wealth
  • Book that first class flight, hire that coach and pay in full, have nourishing organic food delivered to your house every week (heck, even hire a private chef to prepare the food for you!) – or whatever your desire is – because you have the financial means to do so
  • Be able to buy your friends and family gifts just because, without having to check if your budget will allow it first
So how do you grow your business and bank account like this?

It’s not a secret marketing strategy…

Or a magic 3-step formula…

Or making yourself work even harder than you already are…

Your business and bank account will take off when you finally decide that you totally deserve all the wealth and money you desire and are ready to unapologetically

go for it!

This is what Money Goddess is all about!


Let me introduce myself!

Hey, I’m Hayley Tapper!

I’m a Business and Mindset Coach for women who want it all – the freedom, the fun, and the funds to live their best life.
Having gone from worrying that my business would never ‘take off,’ to building a successful 6-figure business and sold out 1:1 coaching practice, I know a thing or two about growing your business and bank account.
Making money in my business has become a really fun and easy game – I’m constantly hitting and exceeding my monthly 5-figure income goals, and I’m having a ball doing it!

Life and business become a whole lot more fun when you know that you can create something you love, put it out into the world, and the clients, customers, and money will flow back into your business and bank account as a result.

But making money in my business hasn’t always felt fun and easy…

In the early days of my coaching business, I was working really hard doing all the things I was ‘supposed’ to do to grow my business, but struggling to create the income and impact I wanted.


It wasn’t until I started diving into my long held beliefs about money, that I realised why I wasn’t making any – deep down I didn’t believe I was worthy of making good money from the work that I loved and so I continuously sabotaged my own success:

  • I felt uncomfortable talking about my prices with potential clients, and so it became my default to give out huge discounts on my work
  • I could never settle on a price for my coaching services because I worried I was either pricing too high (would people think I’m greedy?), or too low (would people think I’m not good at what I do?)
  • I felt nervous promoting my work, and never felt confident talking with potential clients because I was always second guessing myself

And if you’re not making the money you want in your business right now, I’m willing to bet you’re doing the same thing.

You see, even though I know you consciously want to be making more money, subconsciously you’ve been programmed to believe that money is bad, greedy, or even unspiritual…

Think about it, how many of these have you heard, or even said to yourself?

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Money is the root of all evil

If you want to be well off, you should marry rich

You don’t want to be a rich b*tch

You can be rich or you can be nice

Being wealthy is a lot of work, I’d rather be poor and happy

I’m bad at money, it’s just not my thing

Mo’ money, mo’ problems

I have a deep ‘money block,’ so making money is hard for me

Wealthy people are born into money

Only greedy people want more money

It’s not spiritual to want more money

Money isn’t actually that important anyway

One? Two? Three? MORE?

The scary thing is that believing even just ONE of these money-repelling beliefs could be costing you millions in untapped money making potential!


You see, the balance in your bank account has nothing to do with how hard you work, what degree you have, how worthy you are of money, or how much money your parents have.

The balance in your bank account is a direct reflection
on your money mindset – the beliefs you assume to be true about money.

We attract what we believe we can have, so if you have beliefs that tell you that money is evil, not for you, that you’re bad with it, that you haven’t worked hard enough for it, or any other BS lie, then guess what? It sure as hell won’t show up in your business or bank account.

The good news is that once you do the inner money mindset work,

the outer strategies start working too…

Here are some of the things that changed for me when I re-programmed my mind with a millionaire mindset:
  • Clients started booking in to work with me consistently, and I booked out my coaching program and kept it booked out, even when I raised my prices
  • I started making consistent five-figure months, and my income continues to grow month after month
  • I was able to quit my job to go full time in my business (allowing me the freedom to live in Bali for 6 months and then move back to Sydney!)
  • My courses and group programs were selling out and I continued to hit or exceed my income goals with ease
  • My business passed the six-figure mark and continues to grow month after month

Essentially, I became a Money Goddess.

Money Goddess is designed using the exact process I went through to reprogram my mind from struggling to make money to a successful 6-figure business. And it will empower you to claim your wealth and break through to big income days too.


In this group coaching program you’ll learn how to:

  • Use your mind to attract money in your business, rather than repel it.
  • Uncovered all the beliefs you have been programmed to believe about money that are actually preventing you from making great money, and discover how to let them go for good
  • Implement the strategies and methods to rewire your mind to attract money so that making money can become fun and easy
  • Crank up the volume on your worthiness of wealth – you get what you believe you deserve, so this is going to be HUGE for your business and bank account!
  • Access the unlimited wealth that is available to all of us at any time. Do you see other people doing what you want to do and wondering, ‘why can’t I be that successful?’ – they have simply learned to tap into this Universal wealth. Now you can, too!
  • Turn making money into a fun and easy game that you are constantly winning by hitting and exceeding your income goals month after month.
How does Money Goddess work?


Starting from September 27th 2018, you, me and a group of no more than 15 other big-hearted entrepreneurial women will come together to create a millionaire mindset and grow your business and bank account.

We will meet weekly on Zoom where I will teach a 45-minute module, followed by group coaching where you can talk with me directly and get personalised support, ask questions, and work through what is holding you back from growing your business and bank account.

If you’re not available to attend the live calls, it’s no biggie – you can send me your questions ahead of the calls, and I will answer them for you on the call, or reach out to me for support in the member only Facebook group.

You will also access a supportive and intimate group of female entrepreneurs just like you, who are building their business and changing the world. Having a group of biz besties to get support from and celebrate your wins with will be a game-changer in your business, and I am so excited to introduce you to your new biz BFF’s!

All the calls will be recorded with replays available for life in the Money Goddess Member Area! You can access replays and all the extra material in Money Goddess for life!

What will be covered?

First we must clear out the old to make way for the new. In the first part of Money Goddess we uncover, release, and rewrite what has been holding you back from the financial freedom you desire.

We go deep, so buckle up!

Week One
Your New Manifesting Manifesto – Starting 27th September 2018!

Let me introduce you to your new way of thinking about money, a way that will actually see your money manifest like whoa. Here we will dive deep into the money goal setting process, and how to manifest cash so that you can start growing your business and bank account straight away.

Week Two
Rewriting Your Money Story for Good

Why do you never quite hit your income goals? Or even get close to them? You’re operating on old money conditioning. This module will help you uncover once and for all what is holding you back from growing your business and bank account and how to let that BS go.

Week Three
Taking Control of Your Financial Reality

Ever feel like you’re not in control of your finances? This module will change that for good. Learn the secret to regaining control of your financial reality so that you never feel stuck again.

Welcome to your financially free future. In the second part of Money Goddess we dive into actively designing your wealthy life and business from the inside out. Here we’re integrating your new money beliefs, and accelerating the money manifestation process.

Prepare to have your inner Money Goddess fully unleashed!

Week Four
Creating a Millionaire Mindset

The only difference between the wealthy women in your industry that you look up to and you is the way they think. Wealthy women think about money differently, and the way that they think about money means that they create more of it. In this module you will learn the secrets to a millionaire mindset and the tools to integrate those beliefs as your own.

Week Five
Adopting Wealth Building Behaviours

We all know that the way you think determines the way you behave, and how you behave determines the results you get. In this module we’re uncovering the behaviours that are literally standing between you and the life of wealth and abundance you desire. After this module you’ll be equipped with the awareness and tools to create wealth building behaviours that will continue to grow your business and bank account for life. Just this module alone will be a game changer for your business and bank account!

Week Six
Accelerating the Money Manifestation Process

Ever wonder how some entrepreneurs just seem to get so much done? In this module you’ll learn the secrets to identifying your money making ideas and taking massive action to accelerate their manifestation. You’ve gotta be ready to put in the work, but I promise that after this module you’ll be ready to take on the world (and make a hell of a lot of money in the process!).

Week Seven
Creating Long Term Wealth with Ease

In this final module you will learn how to unlock bigger and bigger money goals with ease. This module will set you on a path for continued success once you graduate from the program, so that you can feel confident that your business and bank account will continue to grow and support you. You’ll learn my number one secret to making money with more and more ease, and how you can implement this into your life and business. Your business and bank account will never be the same again!

The Details

In Money Goddess you’ll get:

(7) 90-minute Zoom Group Coaching Calls with Hayley
(valued at $4200)

These calls are where the magic happens – in the first 45 minutes Hayley will teach that weeks module (outlined above), and the following 45-minutes will be dedicated to live group coaching and making sure you get all the support you need. There will be a maximum of 15 students on these calls, so you will have plenty of time to get coaching from Hayley which will help you to massively shift your mindset in the shortest time possible.

Find Your Tribe Waitlist

Homework, journaling prompts, and resources
(valued at $1200)

Following each call, you’ll be given homework assignments that are carefully designed to help you implement and integrate the work that you’re doing in the group coaching calls. The homework will ensure you start seeing results as soon as possible!

Access to Hayley to get all your questions answered
(valued at $2450)

You will have unlimited access to Hayley inside a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, seek support, celebrate a win, or anything else you need throughout the 7 week program.

Lifetime access to the Money Goddess Member Area
(valued at $1000)

You’ll have lifetime access to all the material from Money Goddess through the Money Goddess Member Area, including all modules and group coaching call recordings, homework, journaling prompts, extra resources, and bonus material. The content covered in Money Goddess will continue to help you to grow your business and bank account for years to come!

A Private Facebook Group
(valued at $1200)

I can’t wait to welcome you into your new group of business besties! The private Facebook group will be your space to connect with the other members of Money Goddess, and share your journey, support and cheer each other on, and of course, connect and get support from Hayley!

The Money Goddess Meditation
(Valued at $50)

Connect with your inner Money Goddess through this powerful meditation track that will help you to recalibrate your money mindset, and integrate all the information you’re learning throughout Money Goddess. This will be your not-so-secret weapon to making powerful mindset shifts quickly within Money Goddess and beyond!

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