Ready to slay with soul and create a life and biz beyond your wildest dreams?

​Slaying with soul is the key to next level business success with ease and flow, so let's make sure you're balancing the work with the woo, gorgeous!

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  • ​​​The masculine and feminine ​strategies that are essential to of build your digital empire
  • ​​The 6 slay with soul elements that you must have in place to create or scale a successful biz that doesn't burn you out
  • ​How to actually create the lifestyle that you want while creating your empire (there will be no stress/overwhelm/burn-out on my watch!!)
  • ​How to amp up your natural manifesting abilities by call in all the dream clients you desire with ease

  • ​How to plan a seriously profitable year (min 6-figures up in here!)
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Hey Gorgeous, I'm Hayley Tapper! I totally know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with #allthethings but just not manifest the success you want!

​I went from hustle and burn out to manifesting queen by learning how to balance the 'slay' (AKA the masculine/action taking) with the 'soul' (AKA the feminine/allowing). Slaying with soul has allowed me to create my dream life and multiple 6-figure biz, and I want you to know that you can totally do the same - if not better!!

In this FREE course I'm teaching you ​how to slay with soul with the steps that have allowed me to:

  • Create a multi-six figure biz
  •  Quit my job and replace my salary very quickly
  • Travel around the world to visit my biz besties
  • Host luxury retreats with my dream clients!

Imagine what will happen to your life and biz when you learn to slay with soul!! Sign up now and find out!

​It is no coincidence that you're here on this page - you've been drawn here for a reason. It's time to slay with soul and finally create the #dreamlife you've had on your vision board for too long.

​In this free challenge you'll get:

  • ​​2 live video modules (plus replays for a limited time)
  • ​Two comprehensive workbooks to help you implement and see results straight away
  • ​Accountability and support from Hayley and the other members of the ​course inside a private Facebook group
  • check
    Daily Q+A coaching sessions with Hayley where you can ask her anything!
​​It's your time to slay with soul, gorgeous! join the mini course now - it's free!!

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