Meet Hayley - Hayley Tapper

Take the mystery out of manifestation so that you can feel in control of your life and intentionally create your future.

Hi, I’m Hayley!

I’m a Manifestation Expert and Host of The Oh My Goddess Podcast.

If you’re anything like me, you’re frustrated with the “just think positive” version of manifestation that is often taught. You might have spent hours visualising and “acting as if” but never had your desire manifest – I know it can be so frustrating. 

I’ve spent the past 10 years studying psychology, human behavior and manifestation, and I can tell you – manifestation is not about thinking positive, and it’s certainly not magic.

Manifestation is a simple process based in practical psychology that anyone can learn and see results with – including you.

In my private coaching practice, I teach my clients a method of manifestation that is grounded in practical psychology, neuroscience and is guided by your intuition. With over 4 years experience working with clients from around the world, I’ve helped countless people to manifest the life, love success and purpose they want.

I’m based in Sydney, Australia and I work with clients around the world via Zoom.


BSc (Psych) (Honours) | BYCA Life Coach | WCA Wellness Coach

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Private coaching to take the mystery out of manifestation and put you in control of your life.

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