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I’m a business coach, course creator, eternal optimist, and constant goal slayer, and it’s my mission to help you get everything you want.

I started my business with a laptop, an Internet connection, and a dream.

Over the years, I’ve taken that dream and turned it into an international coaching business where I work with women around the world through my online courses, group programs, masterminds and my sold out private coaching program.

It’s a total dream come true, and now I have the privilege of helping women just like you totally uplevel every aspect of their life by starting and scaling their own digital empires.

When people meet me, one of the first questions they ask is, ‘how did you get started in this?!’

Truth is, my story is probably very similar to yours… (and because of this, I know that growing a kickass business is possible for you, too!)

I was the girl who was never willing to settle for ‘normal’ or ‘ordinary.’

When I was young, a grade school teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I had no freaking clue!

However, what I did know for sure was this: I wanted to run my own business and change the world.

For years I went searching for how I was meant to change the world. I thought becoming a psychologist might be the answer, so I spent 5 years in university getting my qualifications.

But once I got some letters after my name, I realised it wasn’t for me.

From there, I entered what I now affectionately refer to as my quarter life crisis – I had no idea what I was doing with my life, and had no idea how to figure it out.

So I did what all soul-searching 20-somethings do – I went travelling!

I started working as a flight attendant for a Middle Eastern airline based in Dubai and spent two years travelling the world, pouring champagne at 30,000 ft, and wondering what time zone I was in and what date it was!

As much as I loved my time as a flight attendant, I couldn’t ignore the feeling that I was meant to do more… That childhood dream of running my own business and doing something that changed the world wouldn’t rest!

It was during this time that I stumbled upon the world of coaching, and it clicked straight away!

I was immediately obsessed – this was what I was meant to do!

I enrolled in a coaching certification program straight away, and, in true A-type personality style, totally immersed myself in learning everything I could about how to be the best coach I possibly could.

I roped my friends (and even strangers!) into being ‘guinea pig’ clients, constantly had a podcast or audiobook playing, went to any seminar or workshop I could get to, and even travelled to Sri Lanka and Bali to learn more about spirituality and self development.

Having finally found what I was meant to do, I returned to Australia to properly launch my coaching business. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, and so excited to work with lots of amazing clients and change the world!

…. But the clients didn’t come.

Despite doing everything ‘right’ – the pretty website, the daily posts to Instagram and Facebook, the perfect opt in – the clients weren’t pouring in the door (in fact, they weren’t even trickling in!).

I found myself totally deflated trying to build my business cross-legged from my bedroom at my parents house, and wondering if I would ever book enough clients to do this work full time.

It’s so disappointing to put lots of work and energy into launching a business, only to have tumbleweeds!

And when I say tumbleweeds, I mean tum-ble-weeeeds…

  • The first webinar I did to promote my coaching services had a grand total of two participants (my mum and best friend!)
  • I posted on social media daily, wrote the blog posts, sent the emails…. But no one reached out to work with me for months!
  • Every time my family or friends asked me how my business was going I got this tight feeling in the pit of my stomach because I didn’t want to tell them the truth – I was afraid I would never book a client!

Now, if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I don’t give up easily, because I know that success comes to those that aren’t available for anything less than everything they want.

(And if you feel like you’re getting tumbleweeds in your business I don’t want you to give up either!)

I felt like there was a secret strategy that the successful coaches knew, that I wasn’t in on (spoiler alert: there is no ‘secret strategy,’ and if someone tells you there is you should run in the opposite direction, fast!).

What I realised that I had been focusing solely on the strategies, and totally ignoring my mindset in an effort to grow my business.

However, in order to create the income and impact I wanted, it wasn’t something I needed to DO differently, it was something I needed to BELIEVE. I needed to align my mindset with the success I desired.

Here’s the truth:

You can’t build a business purely on strategy.

You also can’t build a business purely on mindset.

But when you combine the two – that’s business building rocket fuel! (And that’s what I’m here to give you!)

When I aligned my mindset with the success I desired AND implemented smart online marketing strategies, everything shifted:

  • My courses and group programs started selling out,
  • I started booking dream clients consistently,
  • My income started increasing (quickly!)
  • I was able to quit my ‘side job’ and move to Bali for 5 months

I finally started having the impact I dreamed of – I manifested my childhood dream of running a business that was changing the world, one woman at a time.

And you know what the really exciting part is? I’m just getting started.

I now help women from around the world create the businesses and lives they desire and deserve from my home office in Sydney, Australia (a significant upgrade from my bedroom at my parents place!).

To find out how to work with me, click here.

All my love,


All my love,

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