Tired of feeling like your life and business is a major struggle?
  • You’ve been working REALLY hard to manifest your dreams, but it’s just not working,
  • Everyone else seems to be manifesting their dreams but you feel stuck and unsure,
  • You find yourself jumping from idea to idea and you can’t seem to get clear on what you really want,
  • You’re sick of the things on your vision board reminding you of all the goals you haven’t manifested,
  • You’ve heard of Law of Attraction, but you can’t seem to get it to work for you.
Are you ready to…
  • Figure out what is blocking you from the life of abundance and freedom that you desire and transform that sh*t?
  • See the things on your vision board become your reality?
  • Stop struggling to reach your goals and start thriving (hello, Manifesting Queen!)
  • Discover your soul-aligned desires and manifest them quickly in a way that feels fun and easy?

 Manifest Like a Boss Goddess Normal Price: $111

Flash Sale Price (save 50%):

One Payment of $55.50

I believe you were guided to this page for a reason – there are no mistakes or coincidences.

You are meant to do big things with your life.

You are MEANT to manifest all the things that you desire.

Living the life and running the business that you dream of is not reserved for ‘special’ people – YOU have what it takes to manifest ALL of your desires (even the ones you’re too afraid to admit to yourself…yet).

You just need to harness the power that already exists INSIDE you to manifest your vision board into your reality…

And I know you have a big vision – a crazy, exciting dream for your life.

You’re the kind of lady who is not willing to settle for ordinary or normal.

You know deep down that you are meant for extraordinary things.

You’re a dreamer, and change maker and a visionary.

Gorgeous, it is time to bring that dream to life. It is time to step up and manifest your craziest, wildest dreams.

I know you have what it takes, and I am so excited to share with you the process to manifest your desires into your reality.

I’m a Success Mindset Coach for spiritual female entrepreneurs, and the creator of this course.

And I have to admit something right now – I haven’t always believed in manifesting.

In fact, coming from a background in science and psychology, I was pretty skeptical of anything ‘woo woo.’

When I started out as a coach, I was very clear that I wasn’t into any of this ‘woo woo nonsense’ as I used to put it…

But as I started to build my business, things started feeling really haaaaaard.

I’ll be real, it was a major struggle.

I was learning all the biz building strategies, taking all the courses and doing all the things, but nothing seemed to be working (can you relate??).

And then one day I stumbled on a course about manifesting and bought it on a whim.

It just felt right, and I decided to follow that little nudge (and thank goodness I did!).

At first I was skeptical (the inner science nerd in me was horrified that I had just made that purchase!) but as I started learning about manifesting I became more and more excited… I was discovering a system to help me create ANYTHING I want in my life!

Fast forward to today and now I run my life and business with the manifesting system contained inside this course – it is a system that helps you to get clear on what you REALLY want, remove the barriers that stand between you and your desires and then draw them into your reality.

Here are just some of the things I’ve manifested using this system:

  • Going from $0 to 6-figures in my business in 12 months
  • Quitting my job to go full time in my business
  • Living in Bali for 6 months
  • My dream apartment in Sydney
  • Dream clients and sold out courses
  • Consistently hitting my income goals
  • And so much more!

No longer do I feel the need to look around me to everyone else for approval or validation in my life or business.

No longer does it feel like a struggle, because I know that I have all the answers inside of me, and this process of manifestation helps me to access them and take the action I need to create my dream life.

How cool is that!

Now, are you ready to drop the struggle and learn to manifest like a boss goddess?
In Manifest Like a Boss Goddess you’ll…
  • Learn the 6 step process to manifest anything you want
  • Unlock your greatest potential by releasing the blocks that have been holding you back
  • Learn why mindset is the foundation for the success you dream of, and how to master your mindset to create massive success in your life and business
  • Discover a powerful exercise to eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Discover why Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you in the past and how you can make it work for you NOW.
Here’s what you’ll learn each day…
Day One: Discover Your Desires and How to Manifest Like a Boss Goddess
(60 minute video training + integration workbook)
  • Discover what manifesting actually is and the how to apply the principles of Law of Attraction to your life and business,
  • Learn why your beliefs are the foundation for manifesting the success you want,
  • Discover your heart and soul aligned desires in your life and business
  • Discover why your previous intentions/goals haven’t been manifesting easily for you (yet!)
  • Learn the 6 key steps to creating powerful intentions
  • Set an intention that you will manifest through this course
Day Two: Create a Success Mindset and Amp Up Your Manifesting Powers
(60 minute video training + integration workbook)
  • Create a kick ass mindset that will support you to manifest the success you desire
  • Release any limiting beliefs, worries and blocks that are stopping you from calling in your desires,
  • Develop strategies and tools to keep your mindset rock solid when you’re faced with challenging situations and setbacks
  • Learn how to quickly identify the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from the things you want to manifest
  • Create your own personal affirmation to keep you high vibe AF
Day Three: Taking Inspired Action, Receiving Your Desires and Next Level Manifesting
(60 minute video training + integration workbook)
  • Why hustling isn’t a good thing and how to get more done while feeling calm and energised
  • How to tap into your intuition and receive inspired action from the Universe/God/Your Angels (whatever you want to call it!)
  • How to use spirituality AND strategy to create magic and unstoppable momentum in your life and business
  • Why we are co-creating with the Universe and how to trust in divine timing
  • Next level manifesting tools and strategies to supercharge your manifesting mojo

 Manifest Like a Boss Goddess Normal Price: $111

Flash Sale Price (save 50%):

One Payment of $55.50



  • Access to the private Manifest Like a Boss Goddess membership area
  • A Boss Goddess Meditation
  • Manifest Your Soulmate Client Exercise
  • Boss Goddess Affirmations
  • PDF/printable version of all the slides so that you can quickly refer back to the course content when you need to
What does this course involve?

This three day course is completely online, so you can take it from anywhere in the world!

When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to all three days, plus all the bonus material.

So it’s up to you if you’d like to binge watch all three days in one epic marathon, or space them out!

You’ll get access to all the video training and course material for life, so you can re-watch the trainings as many times as you like. You’ll also get access to any future updates of the course for free – yay!

Each day of the course you’ll get a 60-minute video training that dives deep into the manifesting process.

Each day you’ll also receive a workbook with powerful homework that is designed to make sure you INTEGRATE the information you’re learning into your life.

(I want you to get RESULTS from this course, so the homework is designed to FAST TRACK your success).

Each day has a meditation to get you in a high vibe state so that you can manifest your desires even faster

 Manifest Like a Boss Goddess Normal Price: $111

Flash Sale Price (save 50%):

One Payment of $55.50

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