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Discover the secrets to turning your passions and experience into a program or course that people can't wait to buy!

If you're stuck trying to create your first program or course, then this is for you!

😕 Maybe you’ve got a feeling deep inside that you’re meant to do work that helps others, but you have no idea where to start and are wasting your time in a job that is zapping all your energy…

🤷‍♀️Or maybe you have taken a big leap of faith and tried to create your signature program or course, but so far no one is interested in working with you (ouch!)…

Trust me, you’re not alone.

After working with hundreds of spiritual entrepreneurs and starting from scratch myself, I know how it feels.

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You know you're meant to impact the world, but right now that feels like a massive leap...

 You’re sick of feeling stuck in your job and routine, and questioning whether you really have what it takes to create a successful program that sells.

Beauty, let me tell you, YOU DO!

Let me show you how simple and easy it can be to create a program or course based on your experience that magnetises and sells your dream clients. (And if you’re saying “But Hayley, I don’t have any experience!” again, let me tell you, YOU DO!).

That’s why I’m hosting this free online workshop. It’s my job to help you create your program and get it out into the world so that you can impact the people that need your work the most!

Imagine how amazing that will feel!

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A Little Bit About Hayley…

Think of Hayley as your Goddess chanting, champagne sipping spiritual biz BFF who is here to show you that being spiritual is actually cool AF. Thousands of lightworkers around the world rely on Hayley to help them start and scale their soul-aligned businesses by connecting with the Goddesses.

Drawing on her years of experience in running a successful coaching business and helping her clients do the same, Hayley provides priceless insights for a soul-aligned approach to filling your programs with people you love to work with. With an online community of over 30,000 lightworkers and coaches across her hit podcast, social media and email list, Hayley shows that connecting with the Goddesses really is the key to creating the life and business you’re dreaming of!

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