Manifestation Challenge - Hayley Tapper
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Three days to learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind and become magnetic to your desires.





What will you manifest in this free 3 day challenge?

Join the live challenge each day to discover a fresh approach to manifestation that will change the way you manifest forever.

Day 1: Want clarity on your vision? Here’s how.

Day 2: How to release blocks and increase worthiness to manifest

Day 3: Accessing deep intuition for manifestation

Manifesting isn't a magical power only bestowed upon a select few...

It's a process of releasing blocks and increasing your sense of self worth that is based in psychology and energetics (which anyone can learn!)

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What is not knowing the psychology and energetics of manifestation costing you?

How much love, purpose, and abundance are you missing out on?

You’ll feel in control of your life and future once you master the principles of manifestation shared in this free 3 day challenge.

If you don’t have the tools to release blocks and increase your sense of worthiness, you put a lot at risk…

Do you ask yourself these questions?

Overcome all these obstacles and more in the free 3 day Manifestation Challenge!

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Hayley Tapper

Your Guide

The 3 Day Manifestation Challenge is created by Hayley Tapper, Manifestation Mentor and Podcast Host. Hayley believes that manifesting the love, purpose, and abundance you desire shouldn’t be a mystery. 

She is on a mission to debunk the “just think positive” narrative around manifestation, and teach her community that manifestation is a process that anyone can learn that is based in psychology, neural reprogramming and energetics.

With over 10 years of studying psychology and manifestation, and 4 years running her private coaching practice, Hayley is your go to resource for everything modern manifestation.

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Manifestation Challenge starting June 15

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How to get crystal clear on what you really want