CHECKLIST: Grow your FB group to 1000+ members quickly

Ready to start your very own Facebook group, but are worried no one will join? Or maybe you already have a Facebook group but now that your Mum and friends are in, you're wondering how to fill it with your ideal clients.

I totally get it and you're in the right place.

This free checklist is contains the five things every group needs in order to grow quickly to the 1000 member+ mark (and they're things that I see way to many groups ignoring!). So download your free checklist below and get that Facebook group of yours on track to hit your first 1000+ members fast!

​Hey Boss Goddess!

​My name's Hayley Tapper and I'm a Success Mindset Coach and the creator of The Boss Goddess Tribe Facebook group. I help ambitious spiritual entrepreneurs create the income, impact and influence they desire in their online business. I have an obsession with travel (current country - Bali!), I'm a little bit woo, and I believe deep down to my core that you really can have, do, be and achieve anything you want.

​​Starting my own Facebook group was a turning point for me in my business, and it quickly became my favourite place to hang out online (plus the biggest revenue generator in my business!). This checklist will help you to create a thriving Facebook group of your own, so make sure you download your checklist now.

Don't forget to download your free checklist to grow your Facebook group like WHOA!

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