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You know you’re meant for a life of freedom, fun, and (heaps of) funds.

Now is your time to rise into the rich and radiant life you know you’re meant for, and I’ll be right beside you the whole way!

Eva Shaw

You’re dreaming of the day when things just flow – the clients, the income, the opportunities. You’re praying it will be easier one day, but right now you’re totally in the hustle of building a business…

++ You’ve launched your business and have booked a client here or there, but you’re worried that your business will never really take off so don’t allow yourself to update your wardrobe, go to that luxe yoga studio, or stay at the 5 star hotel. But you keep promising yourself, ‘next month things will be different…’ Sigh.

++ You’ve probably already invested in your business, and felt the burn when the ‘magic 5 step blueprint’ you purchased didn’t feel in alignment and left you wondering if there is something wrong with you (side note: there isn’t! You’ve just gotta find YOUR way to success!)

++ You’re Instagram stalking other women who are totally killing it online – travelling first class, making a real difference, and meeting their clients in dream locations around the world… and they hardly seems to work! Meanwhile you’re tied to your laptop 12 hours a day and still can’t book enough clients – like WTF??

++ Or maybe you’re doing all the meditations, visualisations, and asking your guides for support to manifest your rich and radiant life… but you must still be blocked because your income is not where you want it to be!

Girl, there is an easier way.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

I know you’re so ready to step into your most wealthy, aligned, and on point version of yourself, like, yesterday.

I mean, you’re just a girl who wants to live her rich and radiant life, is that so much to ask?


Imagine how amazing life will feel when…

++ You have dream clients filling up all your offers with ease, and money flows easily and effortlessly so that you not only never have to stress about paying bills again, but are able to invest in all the things that you’ve always wanted… the luxury holiday, the high vibe car, the weekly mani/pedis and blowouts, not to mention finally putting aside the deposit for your dream home.

++ You’re hitting a minimum of $10K/months with ease and the clients are just flowing into your business because you’re so excited about your brand and services so selling them becomes natural and easy.


++ You have a team that supports you in your business – your assistant takes care of the tasks you don’t want to do, your bookkeeper takes care of balancing your books, and you get to sit back and focus on the things that you really love in your biz!

++ You get to have the jet-setter lifestyle that you dreamed of when you started your business, and are able to jump on a plane to wherever you want, whenever you want.

Wondering if you can really have this type of life and business?
Spoiler alert: YOU CAN.
And Elevate will take you there…

In this high level private business coaching program you’ll elevate your business and brand to thoughtleader status, attract your dream clients on repeat, and learn how to work less and earn more (finally hitting those consistent $10k++ months with ease!).

Your life and business will never be the same again!
Lauren’s story…

“When I started working with Hayley I felt lost. I knew I was great at coaching and I was certainly no stranger to putting in a TON of time and effort to build my business. But even after making several big investments working with other coaches, the results I wanted were nowhere in sight. I was frustrated and quite frankly, panicked.

In my 5 months of working with Hayley as my coach, I built and launched 4 different programs. The most recent was a $15,000 launch, and I’m expecting the next one to double that!

With Hayley I built a vast knowledge of social media marketing strategies, as well as a foundation for my business that now effortlessly attracts my soulmate clients to me. I came from a place of panic and frustration, and ended with clarity and excitement. I’m now in the process of going location-independent in my business and moving to Italy for the winter, which is a dream come true and wouldn’t have been possible without Hayley’s knowledge and support.

I’m so grateful to have found Hayley and spent a transformational 5 months as her client!”

Eva Shaw

After Elevate you’ll…

++ Have a system to attract your dream clients easily and on repeat… no more stressing about filling your client calendar, ever!
++ Feel grounded in your business, in control of your finances, and like the boss you always wanted to be
++ Set up systems to support you (sales and marketing systems, client management systems, financial systems, launch plans, etc)
++ Feel aligned and connected with daily practices that help elevate you into your next level life
++ Have a beautiful brand you are obsessed with because it is so you, and it attracts your dream clients like a magnet
++ Have elevated into next level income months with a whole lot of ease and grace… say bye to overwhelm and stress for good!
++ Have attracted your soul tribe who love you and your work and want to buy every offer you create
++ Have successfully launched the podcast, YouTube channel, blog, vlog or any other platform your heart desires
++ Have been featured in the publications and podcasts you have on your vision board
++ Hire a team to support you to elevate into even dreamier levels of income, impact and influence (and to take care of the tasks you just don’t love doing!)

Wondering what’s included in Elevate?

Here’s the details of the support and guidance that will take you to the next level…
6 Months of High Level Business Support for Your 6-Figure Year

Together we’ll plan exactly how you’ll have your 6-figure year, and then throughout the program you’ll receive expert support in both the business strategies and the mindset foundations to bring your 6-figure plan to life with ease and grace.

12 Private Coaching Calls

This is where the magic happens! Every other week we will come together for a 50 minute Zoom call to strategize and implement your 6-figure plan so that you feel fully supported every step of the way.

Your work personally reviewed by Hayley

Want your sales page reviewed? Not sure if you’re social media posts are hitting the mark? Want an expert eye on your email funnel? I’ve got you. Throughout the program I will be personally reviewing your work between sessions to make sure you hit your goals!

6 Months of Voxer and Email Support

I’m with you every step of the way, and will be available to you on email and Voxer (a voice note and messaging app) throughout the program. Elevations happen quickly when you can get your questions answered instantly!!

Business Resources, Templates and Cheat Sheets

You’ll always know exactly what to do, with a wealthy of workbooks, templates, how-to guides, and cheat sheets at your fingertips to walk you through everything you need step-by-step to make this your six-figure (plus!) year!! Say goodbye to the guesswork, and welcome in clarity and ease.

Energy Practices, Meditations, and Journaling Practices

Stepping into your next level life and business will require an energetic upgrade, and I’ve totally got you covered. Throughout the program you’ll get a wealth of new energetic practices, meditations, and journaling practices to keep you high vibe and manifesting like a queen!

Luxury VIP Day with Hayley OR Online VIP Intensive

Nothing beats the energy and elevations that happen when you meet in person! I will host a private VIP day for just you full of business and energetic upgrades, coaching sessions, and 2 luxurious meals at fab restaurants. VIP days held in Sydney and around the world depending on my travel schedule. If you can’t travel for the VIP Day, you will have the option of having an Online VIP Intensive instead.

BONUS 1: Luxury 3 Day Event in Byron Bay, Australia (valued at $3000)

We’re going on vacay together, baby! We’ll meet in Byron Bay, Australia, with a group of other women just like you to connect, celebrate, and of course, take your business to new heights! Plus there will be a professional photoshoot included so that you will have gorgeous pictures for your social media and website!

BONUS 2: All Access Pass to my Courses

You’ll get instant access to any course I create during the time of your coaching program. You won’t miss out on a thing!!

BONUS 3: 12 in-depth business training modules (valued at $2500)

I’ve got your business training totally covered! When you join Elevate you will get instant bonus access to my most popular program – Boss Goddess Business School. In this bonus program you will get 12 training modules covering everything from program creation, branding, marketing, sales, money mindset and so much more.

Having the support and guidance of an experienced coach and business owner will help to skyrocket you to success. Your life and business will never be the same again after you’ve stepped into Elevate. Are you ready to rise??

Elevate is for you if…
Eva Shaw

++ You have your website set up already (this isn’t for beginners)
++ You’re ready to book clients and make sales. You might have already booked some clients, but you’re so ready for more income and consistency! Not to mention MUCH bigger income months!
++ You’re dreaming of the day when things just flow – the clients, the income, the opportunities. You’re praying it will be easier one day, but right now you’re totally in the hustle of building a business
++ You’re an online service-based entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world (and get paid well for doing so!)
++ You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the work, but you’re also ready to drop the hustle and create more flow and ease in your business (it doesn’t have to be so hard!)

Sound like you? Apply for a complimentary consultation now!

Your most abundant, fun, and successful year awaits! Elevating into your next level life and business becomes so much easier, faster, and more fun when you’re not trying to do it alone. You know you’re meant for big things, and I’m here to make sure you get there!

In Elevate you get:


6 Months of High Level Business Support for Your 6-Figure Year
12 Private Coaching Calls ($5000 value)
1 Luxury VIP Day OR Online VIP Intensive ($2000 value)
6 Months of Voxer and Email Support ($4800 value)
Energy Practices, Meditations, and Journaling Practices ($1000 value)
Business Resources, Templates and Cheat Sheets ($1500 value)
Your work personally reviewed by Hayley ($4800 value)

BONUS 1: 3 Day Event in Byron Bay, Australia ($3000 value)

BONUS 2: All Access Pass to Courses

BONUS 3: 12 Business Training Modules from Boss Goddess Business School ($2500 value)


Total value: $24,600


Your Investment: $11,000 USD

Payment plan available.

Still not sure? Here’s a sample of what’s possible for you…

Heaven’s Story

I decided to invest in Hayley because I knew I wanted to grow my business in big ways! Before we started working together I wasn’t making any money in my new business and needed to gain clarity on what I desired for my business. I wanted to start attracting more clients and wanted to make it easy to achieve. I wanted to launch programs and didn’t have any direction to where I wanted to go.

Hayley helped me launch my first ever group program, and I also manifested dream clients and started attracting even more with ease! All together I tripled my investment and started matching my husbands income!

Coaching provided me with the guidance, support and accountability I needed to go big in my business, and I’m so grateful that I worked with Hayley!

Ella’s story

What a gamechanging experience working with Hayley was! I launched my first  course, and started booking clients! I made $8.3k within 3 weeks of promoting what I do.

I grew my Facebook group by over 1000% in 3 weeks and quickly started establishing myself as an expert in my field. Now my name gets brought up in other FB groups whenever people are looking for an Instagram expert and it’s SO amazing to see that. I just got asked to be a guest presenter for a membership program for coaches and have also been approached to be featured on a video for an online entrepreneur website!

You’ve seriously been such an amazing support and catalyst for the growth of my business Hayley! It’s been such a pleasure working with you and having your valuable input in my business and I can’t wait to work together more in the future!

Athina started hitting consistent $10K months…
Gorgeous, you are so worthy of the success you dream of.

I know if feels scary to take the leap, but I will be there for you every step of the way. This is YOUR time. This is the year EVERYTHING changes. From the bottom of my heart I want to see you succeed, to rise up, and to claim the income, impact, and influence that you know deep down you’re meant for.

If you’re getting an intuitive nudge that this is for you, book a call with me to chat. Trusting that inner nudge is what has propelled me to success in an industry where most don’t make it. Let me help you beat the odds and slay with soul!

I believe in you gorgeous, it’s time to take the leap.

Questions before you book a consultation call? Reach out at hello@hayleytapper.com
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