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Ready to align your business with your menstrual cycle for ultimate ease, energy, and abundance?

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Sell With Your Cycle

A four week online course to align your business with the phases of your menstrual cycle for ultimate ease, energy and abundance.

Did you know that women have a 28 day hormonal cycle, whilst men have a 24 hour hormonal cycle?

Your hormones affect everything – your energy, motivation, mood… even your sex life. 

This means that showing up in your business and life with the same level of energy day in and day out will work for men because their hormones are relatively consistent day to day…

But women move through four distinct hormonal phases each month, and in each phase our hormones optimise us to focus on different tasks (which is so cool!)

So if you feel motivated to sell and promote your services one week, but don’t feel inspired to the next, it may not be a “mindset” issue or a “motivation” issue – it is likely just reflecting your hormones!

The good news is that once you know the four phases of your cycle and how to align your business and life with these phases, everything becomes easier.

Working with your hormones, rather than against them will:

This is the stuff we’re not taught in school -- and we really should be!

That is why I’ve created Sell With Your Cycle - to give women (and anyone wanting to live a cyclical life) a framework to align their business and life with their menstrual cycle.

What's Covered?

How to Work With Your Hormones

Discover how your hormones fluctuate in each phase of your cycle and how this affects your brain and body.

Seasons, Lunar Cycle and Feminine Archetypes

Discover how the seasons, lunar cycle, and feminine archetypes relate to each phase of your cycle.

How to Support Your Body

Discover the food, exercise and sex that is most supportive for each phase of your cycle.

How to Align Your Business & Sales Activities

Discover the best business tasks to focus on for each phase of your cycle and how to plan your sales and marketing campaigns in alignment with each phase for ultimate ease.

Self Care for Each Phase of Your Cycle

Discover a sensual and supportive self care practice for each phase of your cycle to keep you feeling your best.

What's Included?

4 Video Modules

Covering how to work in alignment with your hormones in each of the four phases of your cycle. The modules are pre-recorded and are approximately 30-40 minutes each.

Action Steps and Homework

Easy to implement action steps so that you can integrate what you’re learning into your life and business to see real results.

Online Members Portal

Get instant access to the entire course on our members portal that you can access on any device (we even have an app to make it easier for you!).

Plus these bonuses!

Weekly Cycle Printable Planner

30 Sales Activity Ideas Checklist

Feminine Self Care Guided Meditation


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Anyone who wants to learn how to work with their menstrual cycle.

You are more than welcome to take the course, however being on hormonal birth control means that you won’t experience the four phases of your cycle. I still encourage you to take the course so that you have a better understanding of your body and hormones – this is information every person with a menstrual cycle should know!

No! Even though some of the content is geared towards business owners, this course is important for anyone wanting to live and work in alignment with their hormones. Whether you’re in corporate, a stay at home mum, or in full CEO mode, this course is for you.

Once you sign up you have unlimited and ongoing access – can watch and rewatch the course for as long as you like.

This course is pre-recorded and self paced, so there is no access to Hayley. However, you are welcome and encouraged to connect with her on Instagram to share your wins and takeaways!

Please email We’re happy to answer your questions about Sell With Your Cycle!

About Hayley Tapper

Hayley is one of Australia’s leading feminine empowerment coaches and business mentors, and the host of The Oh My Goddess Podcast. Thousands of women from around the world have turned to Hayley for support in creating abundant businesses, passionate relationships, and fulfilling lives by healing and harmonising their inner feminine and masculine.

Bringing her background in psychology, years of experience running a coaching business, and personal journey healing her relationship to her femininity, Hayley is here to redefine what it means to be an empowered woman in the modern world.  

Ready to align your business with your menstrual cycle for ultimate ease, energy, and abundance?​

Join today and start straight away!

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