Private Coaching Program - Hayley Tapper

4 month business + Mindset

Coaching Program

For coaches + creatives ready to rise into the abundant leaders and visionary queens that they know they're meant to be.

Are you a soul led leader, coach or creative who is feeling the call to level up?

Then this is for you.

I know right now you probably feel like you’re doing #allthethings to try to break through to the next level of income, impact, and influence, but that next level isn’t coming easily.

The abundant business you want feels just out of reach, but you know to your core that this is the work that you’ve been put on this earth for and you’re determined to make it a success.

You’re a planner and an action taker, which has lead to you booking clients here and there, but no matter how hard you work you can’t quite reach the level of success you desire…

Gorgeous, I desire for you to step up into the leader you’re meant to be while being fully tapped into soul, embracing your femininity, honouring yourself wholly and completely, and confidently claiming the magic that is within you.

I desire for you to stop playing small, playing it safe, and playing the good girl.

To stop denying your femininity, intuition, sensuality, and soul guidance.

To stop hiding from the brilliance and radiance you have to share with the world.

You know your soul work is meant to impact millions, and make you millions.

You know you’re exactly what the world needs right now.

You know this is your time to rise up.

You’re determined.

You’re hungry.

You will stop at nothing.

You dream of easily attracting dream clients, creating financial and time freedom, being able to travel and do all the things you want, whenever you want, and raise the vibration of the planet at the same time.

You want to have it all, and you're not afraid to claim it!

Hi, I'm Hayley Tapper!

I'm a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Business Mentor and podcast host!

It's my job to help you create everything you want in life and business in a way that honours your femininity and natural ability to magnetise success.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t work to be done – there is definitely lots of action to take in creating the business of your dreams, HOWEVER I’m here to help you take aligned, inspired action that magnetises results fast.

I specialise in combining smart online business strategy with deep mindset work and feminine embodiment practices so that you can quantum leap into your ultimate vision. When you balance your inner masculine “go getter” energy with your inner feminine “flow” energy, you truly create the life and business you desire – and that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do.

With close to 4 years of experience helping my clients create the results they want (including scaling to 6-figures, quitting their jobs, and more!), I know what it takes to be successful in the online world.

Whether you’re a coach, creative, designer, or spiritual teacher, I can help you elevate into the income, impact and influence you desire.

Here are just some of the results my clients have created lately...

  • Consistently booked out 2 months in advance with high level clients
  • Booked her first $20K contract
  • Created consistent $10K months
  • Launched her first group program and sold it out within 1 week
  • Had her first $30K month (in her first year in business)
  • Quit her job, went full time in her business and moved to Bali
  • Quit her job, went full time in her business and traveled Europe full time
  • And so much more!!

My clients are rising into the next generation of abundant leaders and visionary queens - are you ready to rise up, too?

What's included in this business and mindset coaching program?


A lot can happen in 4 months! Get the support and guidance you need to radically uplevel every aspect of your life and business! You will totally transform into the goddamn goddess and visionary leader you know you're meant to be.


Weekly 45-minute coaching sessions to quantum leap into your next level of income, impact, and influence. This is where the magic happens, big shifts take place, and soul aligned strategies are mapped out and implemented!


Imagine how fast you'll be able to quantum leap into massive impact and income with me on speed dial? I'll be there with you every step of the way, cheering you on, answering your questions and guiding you as you level up into the woman you know you're meant to be.


Want a second pair of eyes on your sales pages, website, or email newsletter (or anything else for that matter)? Each week I'll be personally reviewing your work to make sure it's hitting all the right points to magnetise your dream clients and customers!


You’ll always know exactly what to do, with a wealthy of workbooks, templates, how-to guides, and cheat sheets at your fingertips to walk you through everything you need step-by-step to make this your six-figure (plus!) year!! Say goodbye to the guesswork, and welcome in clarity and ease.


Stepping into your next level life and business will require an energetic upgrade, and I’ve totally got you covered. Throughout the program you’ll get a wealth of new energetic practices, meditations, ands journaling practices to keep you high vibe and manifesting like a queen!


Boss Goddess Business School

Normally $2000, yours free!

I’ve got your business training totally covered! When you become a private client you will get instant access to the self-study version Boss Goddess Business School. In this bonus program you will get 12 training in-depth modules covering everything from program creation, branding, marketing, sales, money mindset and so much more.


There are 3 payment options for you to choose from:

4 monthly payments of $1320 USD


One payment of $4800 USD (save $480)


Make your own payment plan through Paypal Credit

* Paypal Credit is available in the US and UK. For more information please email

Availability and Booking

I only take a small number of private clients, so complete the discovery call form now to discuss working together.

Woman just like you are getting amazing results!

Heaven Leigh

Wealth Mentor

Heaven’s Testimonial

I decided to invest in Hayley because I knew I wanted to grow my business in big ways! Before we started working together I wasn’t making any money in my new business and needed to gain clarity on what I desired for my business. I wanted to start attracting more clients and wanted to make it easy to achieve. I wanted to launch programs and didn’t have any direction to where I wanted to go.

Hayley helped me launch my first ever group program, and I also manifested dream clients and started attracting even more with ease! All together I tripled my investment and started matching my husbands income!

Coaching provided me with the guidance, support and accountability I needed to go big in my business, and I’m so grateful that I worked with Hayley!

Ella Tsang

Cosmic and Conscious Mentor

Ella’s Testimonial

What a gamechanging experience working with Hayley was! I launched my first  course, and started booking clients! I made $8.3k within 3 weeks of promoting what I do.

I grew my Facebook group by over 1000% in 3 weeks and quickly started establishing myself as an expert in my field. Now my name gets brought up in other FB groups whenever people are looking for an Instagram expert and it’s SO amazing to see that. I just got asked to be a guest presenter for a membership program for coaches and have also been approached to be featured on a video for an online entrepreneur website!

You’ve seriously been such an amazing support and catalyst for the growth of my business Hayley! It’s been such a pleasure working with you and having your valuable input in my business and I can’t wait to work together more in the future!

Lauren Saunders

Business Coach

Lauren's Testimonial

“When I started working with Hayley I felt lost. I knew I was great at coaching and I was certainly no stranger to putting in a TON of time and effort to build my business. But even after making several big investments working with other coaches, the results I wanted were nowhere in sight. I was frustrated and quite frankly, panicked.

In my 5 months of working with Hayley as my coach, I built and launched 4 different programs. The most recent was a $15,000 launch, and I’m expecting the next one to double that!

With Hayley I built a vast knowledge of social media marketing strategies, as well as a foundation for my business that now effortlessly attracts my soulmate clients to me. I came from a place of panic and frustration, and ended with clarity and excitement. I’m now in the process of going location-independent in my business and moving to Italy for the winter, which is a dream come true and wouldn’t have been possible without Hayley’s knowledge and support.

I’m so grateful to have found Hayley and spent a transformational 5 months as her client!”

Kristin Kembel

Kristin Kembel

Brand and Website Designer

Kristin's Testimonial

“I came into the program thinking it would further help me launch my first online course I was working on and what I got was SO much more than I was expecting. With her guidance I was able to launch that course with ease and much faster instead of obsessing over perfecting it.

I also upleveled my 1:1 service pricing to where it should have been which allowed me to hit my income goals faster and have more time to dedicate to those clients. I was then able to take a 6 week sabbatical from the business towards the end of the year to visit my family.

This mastermind also helped me SO MUCH with the structure of my business – the boundaries I needed to set that weren’t there, and the help I needed to allow people to give me. When you run your business from home it can feel isolating, so this brought so much community into my life.  I honestly did not want it to end and am so thankful for the journey with Hayley!”

Athina's Testimonial

Athina started making $10K months! Click play to hear more about her experience!

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Annie Mand

Mystic Coach

Annie's Testimonial

I’m so grateful for your support! You’ve helped me through some tough emotional setbacks where I was not confident or clear on anything I was doing with my business.

With your help I restructured my offerings, launched 3 different courses, launched my own product line, sponsored a product at an event, and featured in a subscription box!

I now come from a place with such clarity and direction with so many different ways to make income now! You also guided my inspiration on what actionable steps to take in order to get more comfortable and confident in my work. You always knew the next steps for me to take to bring my ideas into the world!

Leticia Ringe

Menstrual Expert and Holistic Business Coach

Leticia's Testimonial

“Hayley helped me take my business to the next level!! I had a number of different projects I wanted to roll out and in just 4 months Hayley helped me roll those out, double my income, make my first permanent hire and up-level my mindset. I was making sales without any sales pages, launched Create Your Beautiful Biz, my Business Coaching Program & my first mastermind.

Hayley believed in me and my vision from day 1 and held space for the fullness of what I want to create, encouraging me to go even bigger! I choose Hayley to work with because I love the way she balances structure with flow. Thank you Hayley for all of your support – I truly appreciate it!!”


Aurea Almeida

Brand Coach and Podcast Host

Aurea's Testimonial

I decided to join the Mastermind because my intuition told me there was still more mentorship and guidance and fellowship that Hayley could give me.

Being in the Mastermind gave me the energy and guidance I needed to make $20K months, challenge myself to do new and uncomfortable work to grow my audience. And, I booked clients who paid my stated price, happily. Now, I travel the world with my 3-year-old son alongside me and I will never travel coach again. And this year, I plan on taking my parents on a Mediterranean cruise and increasing my income 2X!

Ready for these results too?

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