Feminine Business Bundle - Hayley Tapper

Ready to take the first steps to embody your feminine Queen leader and create an abundant empire and life?

Feminine Business


Feminine Business Bundle is designed to give you a major dose of inspiration, healing and learning around how to turn on your feminine magnetism, step into your purpose work, and attract clients and success with ease.

Let me ask you...

Do the old school “bro” marketing tactics feel icky to you?

Are you feeling uninspired, overwhelmed or confused in your business?

Or want to start your business but are afraid of putting yourself out there?

Have you been craving a more fun, flowing and intuitive way of doing business?

If you answered yes to any of these then Feminine Business Bundle is for you!

Join now to get instant access to 6 powerful video workshops!​

Activate Your Queen Archetype Workshop

Valued at $150 – included in Feminine Business Bundle

Discover the secrets to activating your inner Queen energy and allowing her to lead your business, relationships and life!

Abundant Money Mindset Workshop

Valued at $150 – included in Feminine Business Bundle

Uplevel your money mindset to become magnetic to wealth and abundance. You’ll discover how to identify and re-code the beliefs that are holding you back from an overflow of wealth.

Activating Your Feminine Magnetism Workshop

Valued at $150 – included in Feminine Business Bundle. Livestream replay.

Tired of chasing clients and success? This workshop will help you turn on your feminine magnetism so that you can attract all that you desire, rather than having to hustle for it.

Masculine Energy in Business for Feminine Beings Workshop

Valued at $150 – included in Feminine Business Bundle. Livestream replay.

Discover the masculine strategies, structures and containers that will support you to be in your feminine in business. Running a feminine business is about creating a balance between your masculine and feminine, and this workshop will help you do just that!

Harmonising Your Feminine and Masculine Workshop

Valued at $150 – included in Feminine Business Bundle. Livestream replay.

The most successful thought leaders, coaches, and teachers have a harmony and balance between their inner feminine and masculine and bring both of these energies into their business. This workshop will help you do the same!

Feminine Business Bundle is a combination of never seen before video workshops and livestreams replays.

That's over $700 worth of workshops and over 5 hours of powerful content included in Feminine Business Bundle!

Feminine Business Academy

$ 110 One time payment. Price in USD.
  • Activate Your Queen Archetype Workshop (60 mins)
  • Feminine Magnetism Workshop (60 mins)
  • Abundant Money Mindset Workshop (60 mins)
  • Masculine Energy in Business Workshop (60 mins)
  • Harmonising Your Feminine and Masculine in Business Workshop (60 mins)
  • Access to all content and updates for life

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How does it work?

As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to the entire Feminine Business Bundle so you can dive straight in! This is a totally self paced home study program, and you’ll have unlimited access to all of the content for life plus any updates!

About Hayley Tapper

Hayley is one of Australia’s leading feminine empowerment coaches and business mentors, and the host of The Oh My Goddess Podcast. Thousands of women from around the world have turned to Hayley for support in creating abundant businesses, passionate relationships, and fulfilling lives by healing and harmonising their inner feminine and masculine.

Bringing her background in psychology, years of experience running a coaching business, and personal journey healing her relationship to her femininity, Hayley is here to redefine what it means to be an empowered women in the modern world.