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The Soulful

Sales Academy

8 weeks of soul-aligned sales strategies and sacred goddess rituals to magnetise an overflow of clients and elevate into the fierce feminine leader you were born to be.

You’re here to lead, to rise, to inspire.

The world needs you, beauty, just as you are.

It’s time to sell your programs with soul and elevate into the sacred success you know you’re meant for.

I bet right now you've launched your business and are so excited to start working with clients and changing lives... only problem is... no one is signing up to work with you!

I know you’re so ready to elevate into the successful and sought after healer, coach and lightworker that you know you’re meant to be.

You’re ready to claim your space as a leader.

You can feel it in your soul.

Imagine this for a moment…

My love, this is not a far off fantasy.

This type of ease and success is not reserved for other people.

This is meant for you – the abundance, the dream clients, the ease, the spiritual connection – all of it.
And it’s meant for you now.


And I'm here to help you do that.

The Soulful

Sales Academy

8 weeks of soul-aligned sales strategies and sacred goddess rituals to magnetise an overflow of clients and elevate into the fierce feminine leader you were born to be.

This is your portal into a world of effortless selling, where your natural feminine magnetism will attract dream clients, and guidance from powerful ancient goddesses will support you in wildly expanding your impact and income.

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Lauren’s had a $15k Launch...

In my 5 months of working with Hayley as my coach, I built and launched 4 different programs. The most recent was a $15,000 launch, and I’m expecting the next one to double that!

With Hayley I built a vast knowledge of social media marketing strategies, as well as a foundation for my business that now effortlessly attracts my soulmate clients to me. I came from a place of panic and frustration, and ended with clarity and excitement. I’m now in the process of going location-independent in my business and moving to Italy for the winter, which is a dream come true and wouldn’t have been possible without Hayley’s knowledge and support.

The Curriculum

Module 1: Instantly elevating into soulful sales + launching your programs

Module 2: Making money moves and selling on live video with Goddess Lakshmi

Module 3: Soulful social media and elevating into higher impact and income

Module 4: Amplify your intuition, activate your throat chakra and magnetise clients with ease with Goddess Sarawati

Module 5: Claiming your space as a leader, amplifying your confidence to sell and serve, and soulful email marketing

Module 6: Soulful sales and boosting your income with sales sprints

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Plus These Bonuses!

Abundant Income Planner

Goddess Money Tracker Spreadsheet

Soulful Sales Sprint Template

Soulful Sales Email Funnel Template


Regular Price: $997 USD

Budget Friendly Payment Plans Available

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Still not sure? Here’s a sample of what’s possible for you…

Heaven Leigh

Wealth Mentor

Heaven’s Story

I decided to invest in Hayley because I knew I wanted to grow my business in big ways! Before we started working together I wasn’t making any money in my new business and needed to gain clarity on what I desired for my business. I wanted to start attracting more clients and wanted to make it easy to achieve. I wanted to launch programs and didn’t have any direction to where I wanted to go.

Hayley helped me launch my first ever group program, and I also manifested dream clients and started attracting even more with ease! All together I tripled my investment and started matching my husbands income!

Coaching provided me with the guidance, support and accountability I needed to go big in my business, and I’m so grateful that I worked with Hayley!

Ella Tsang

Online Business Coach & Instagram Expert

Ella’s story

What a gamechanging experience working with Hayley was! I launched my first  course, and started booking clients! I made $8.3k within 3 weeks of promoting what I do.

I grew my Facebook group by over 1000% in 3 weeks and quickly started establishing myself as an expert in my field. Now my name gets brought up in other FB groups whenever people are looking for an Instagram expert and it’s SO amazing to see that. I just got asked to be a guest presenter for a membership program for coaches and have also been approached to be featured on a video for an online entrepreneur website!

You’ve seriously been such an amazing support and catalyst for the growth of my business Hayley! It’s been such a pleasure working with you and having your valuable input in my business and I can’t wait to work together more in the future!

Athina started hitting consistent $10K months…

My love, if you’re like me and have that knowing deep inside that you are meant for something more, something big, something extraordinary, then know that it is no coincidence that you are here reading this enrollment page. You are meant to lead, you are meant to serve, you are meant to raise the vibration of the planet in your unique and fiercely feminine way.

This is your time to elevate into the healer, coach, and visionary that you were always meant to be, and to be paid abundantly for your soul work.

It’s time, my love.

Let’s do this together.


This program is great for anyone who wants to sell services such as coaching programs, digital courses, masterminds, group programs, etc. If you are driven to make the world a better place through your work, then this program will help you do that!

Totally! Most of the clients that come into this program feeling nervous about the investment (it’s totally normal!). That’s why I offer budget friendly payment plans! Join the waitlist now to be the first to know when payment plan details are released!

We kick this party off in mid-Feb 2020! Join the wait list now to be the first to know when Early Bird pricing is released!

We decide on call times once everyone is in the program so that we can take into account timezones, however, calls are likely to be on Wednesday mornings in Australia, which is Tuesday evenings in the US.

Sure thing! There is a VIP upgrade available which gives you access to 2 private 60 minute coaching calls with me! A lot can happen in a private session with me – and you get two!!

There are limited VIP spots, and the upgrade fee is $600 USD. Click here to reserve your spot.

No worries! All calls are recorded and you will be able to watch the replay shortly after the call takes place. You will be able to ask any questions ahead of time that you would like me to answer on the call if you can’t attend live.

For life! As long as this program exists, you will have access to all the content so that you can come back and review it as much as you want!

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