Hayley Tapper - Hayley Tapper

Goddess Expert, Business Mentor
and Podcast Host

Hey Beauty!

I'm Hayley

Think of me as your Goddess chanting, champagne sipping spiritual biz BFF who is here to show you that being spiritual is cool AF.

I’m on a mission to bring ancient Goddess guidance to modern spiritual women just like you, so that you can elevate into the rich and radiant life you know you’re meant for! 

If you’re being called to tap into your most luxe, goddess-worthy life and business, then I’m your girl. Whether you listen to my podcast, join one of my business programs, or meet me in person at a VIP Day around the world, I’ve got you covered!

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The Oh My Goddess


Tune in for weekly episodes where me and my guests spill the beans on how to connect with the Goddesses to manifest your rich and radiant life and business, fulfil your spiritual destiny, and step into your role as a lightworker, coach, and spiritual business owner.

My Programs

Boss Goddess
Business School

It’s time to launch you soul-aligned business and manifest your rich and radiant life! Imagine 4 months from now raising a glass with your biz besties to celebrate your new business, clients, and life of impact and freedom!

Slay With Soul Mastermind

You’ve launched your biz and now you’re ready to step into 6-figures and beyond! This high level mastermind is for the woman who is ready to elevate her business, amplify her impact, travel the world, and meet her biz besties for life.