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Hayley Tapper

BSc (Psych) (Hons)

Private coaching to take the mystery out of manifestation so that you can finally create the life you want.

Manifesting the love, purpose, and abundance you want should not be a mystery.

Manifesting isn't a magical power only bestowed upon a select few. It's a process of releasing blocks and increasing your self worth that is based in psychology and neural reprogramming (which anyone can learn, including you - promise!)

But when you don’t have the practical tools to release blocks and magnetise your desires, you put a lot at risk…

When you do the inner work to release blocks and increase your self worth to match your desires, you will become magnetic to the life, love, and success you want.

If you're ready to do the inner work, click the button below to book a Complimentary Consult to help you get clarity on what you want to manifest and discuss working together.

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Need to get clarity on what you want to manifest?

Download my free guide to getting crystal clear on what you actually want and take the first step to manifesting a life you love.

How can you finally make manifestation work for you?

If you’re anything like me, you’re frustrated by the “just think positive” manifestation practices that sound amazing but rarely deliver results. 

With the self development industry bursting with manifestation techniques including everything from repeating affirmations a million times a day, “acting as if,” walking across fire, and vision boarding just to name a few, it’s no wonder manifestation feels like a mystery.  

But what do you actually need to know and do to manifest the love, purpose, and abundance you want? Hint: None of the above.

My private coaching program is all about teaching you the practices that actually work and that are backed by psychology and neural reprogramming.

Manifestation doesn’t need to be a mystery – and when you understand the science and energetics behind magnetising the life, love and abundance you desire, you will be able to intentionally create your future.

Take the guesswork out of manifestation:

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Years studying psychology, human behaviour, and manifestation.
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Years of coaching experience with clients around the world.
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Happy clients and customers across multiple programs.

Harness the power of manifestation:

1. Complimentary Consult

Have a free 20 minute call to give you clarity on what you want to manifest, and answer any questions you have about the program.

2. Get Private Coaching

Work together for 3 months to discover how to manifest based in psychology.

3. Manifest Like a Pro

Heal your blocks, increase your self worth, and magnetise the love, purpose, and abundance you desire.

What My Clients Have Been Manifesting...

What's Included

In Your Coaching Program:

3 Months Private Coaching

To take the mystery out of manifestation so that you can finally create the life, love and abundance you desire.

Weekly Coaching Calls

12 x 60 minute calls to fast track your manifestation success (recorded for you to rewatch as much as you want).

Voice & Text Messaging

To answer your questions and celebrate wins between sessions.

Customised Homework

To help you integrate after each session and become magnetic to your desires at a cellular level.

PRICE: $2500

Or $875 per month for 3 months. Price in USD.

Currently fully booked. Please join the waitlist to be notified of the next available space.

Currently Fully Booked.

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If this form doesn’t work, or if you have questions about coaching, please email hello@hayleytapper.com

How to get crystal clear on what you really want