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Hey Gorgeous!

Are you ready to manifest massive success in your life and business, like yesterday?

Are you…
  • Sick of feeling disappointed and unsure of yourself when the end of the month rolls around and you still haven’t booked the clients you wanted to?
  • Frustrated that you’re doing ALL the things the ‘gurus’ tell you to do, but STILL not seeing the results you desire?
  • Tired of feeling like everyone elses businesses are taking off, and you’re left wondering how they do it?
  • Exhausted from putting on a brave face when you’re friends ask you how your business is going, but on the inside you’re freaking out that you’ll be stuck in your 9-5 forever?

I get it. I’ve been there (more on this in a minute)

But for a moment, visualise how this would feel…
  • What would it feel like to fully own your power and use it to magnetise your soulmate clients?
  • What would it feel to be massively successful for just being you?
  • How would your life change if you could speak with confidence and conviction, feel empowered AF, and finally become the woman you always imagined you would become?
… It would feel amazing, right?!

And I know deep down you believe you’re meant for something big, too.

Here’s the truth…


You don’t need another business coach.

You don’t need another sales funnel.

You don’t need another client attraction strategy.

You’re already doing ALL THE THINGS… So it’s not another biz building strategy that’s going to change everything for you.

Here’s what you need…

You need to believe in you.
You need to stand in your power.
You need to start playing big.

And how do you do this?

By doing the INNER work.

>> The work that allows you to uplevel

>> The work that scares you

>> The work that creates massive shifts in your life and business

… The work that deep down you KNOW you need to do.

It’s time, gorgeous.

It’s time for you to do the work you were born to do.

It’s time for you to become the woman you were born to be.

It’s time for you to Rise Up.

Rise Up is a five week group program for spiritual female entrepreneurs who are ready to become the woman they were born to be.

The Details
Here’s What You’ll Get


Massive mindset shifts → you’ll create a mindset for success so that you can fully stand in your power and call in the success, impact and freedom you desire.

Release your money blocks → open yourself up to receiving new levels of abundance by increasing your wealth consciousness and releasing your old money stories.

Unleash your inner boss goddess → Identify, release and reprogram your limiting beliefs, worries doubts and fears so that you feel confident AF and totally boss.

Compress timelines → (AKA get sh*t done) through identifying your soul-aligned vision and adopting the mindset of massive inspired action.

Strategy + Spirituality → Identify and develop strategies that will amplify your impact AND feel good (no more feeling weird on sales calls, or doing things that don’t light you up just because it’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to do).

1:1 Support + Group Support → This is a high-touch program for women who are ready to get real results. You’ll get 2 x 30-minute private sessions with Hayley, as well as weekly modules and weekly Q+A sessions.

Plus Get Access to These Bonuses

Voice note support from Hayley (value – $500)

Ever wanted a coach on-the-go? A member of my Facebook group said that she needs to take me around in her pocket for on-the-go inspiration and coaching. Well, this is my answer – voice note support! Have a question? Feeling stuck? Send me a voice note and I’ll get back to you with support and advice to move you forward quickly. (voice note support dates: 11 August – 13 September)


A private Facebook Group (value – priceless!)

A private Facebook group for members of Rise Up only. Get lots of access to Hayley, as well as support from you other program members. The group is yours forever (it won’t close at the end of this program) – I have a feeling that life long business besties will be formed in this high vibe group!


Weekly Meditation and Affirmation

Each module includes a meditation and an affirmation to deepen you learning and open you up to new levels of success.

Slides from all of the modules

If you’re a note-taker and highlighter kinda girl, then you’ll love that all the slides are downloadable and printable! Easily refer back or take notes to your hearts content!


Access to a private membership area

All your program content and bonuses will be housed in a beautiful membership site that you’ll have access to for life.


Access to unlimited replays of the content

Every time you’re ready to rise up to the next level in your business (or life for that matter!) you can come back and take the program again – you have unlimited replays and all the content if yours for life. Unlimited replays = unlimited results!

Through this program you’ll finally become the woman you were born to be.
Ellie Swift
Life and Career Coach at ellieswift.com


“When I started working with Hayley I was feeling quite overwhelmed and stressed as I was working really hard to establish myself as a coach on the side of a demanding corporate job. Hayley encouraged me to trust in the universe and its powers to co-create my future, manifest my deepest desires and really go deep within to be the best coach I could possible be. I have tapped into my feminine energy more than ever before and that has made my business journey flow with so much more ease and grace. Now I feel calm and centred, and have finally discovered the true meaning of self care! If you are seeking a success mindset coach who will support and empower you fully, Hayley’s your girl!”

Annie Mand
Mystic Life Coach at amysticallife.com


“I’m also thankful that your intuition led you to the right questions, process, words, & techniques to really help me release my limiting beliefs in order to attract what my heart desires. That was the most amazing part of our session, how open my heart felt after the session where I felt so limitless & ready to follow my intuition to expand my life & start living in my purpose. You truly have a gift for helping people heal exactly what they need to with you & leaving you with open hearts ready to take on their dreams! Thank you so much for your coaching, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you (if I did, it would have taken me 5+ years to overcome the work you did with me in 1 session!)”


WEEK ONE: Unlocking Your Limitless Life

** In week One you’ll have a 1:1 soul alignment session with Hayley **

I know you’ve done vision exercises before, but do you really know what you want at a soul level? Becoming crystal clear on what you want (I mean reallllly want) is the most important step to manifesting it. This week you’ll uncover your soul aligned vision, and discover what ‘rising up’ really means to you.


Week Two: Reprogram Your Mind for Success

Stepping up to be a spiritual entrepreneur takes COURAGE (go you!), it also brings up ALLLLL the fears, worries, doubts and limiting beliefs. That voice in your head that tells you you’re not enough? That voice that tells you that EVERYONE and their dog is judging you? That voice that says you’re a fraud and you’re definitely about to be found out? Well, this week we silence those voices. I will teach you how to overcome your fears and be the most confident, self-assured, badassiest version of yourself. You’ll be unstoppable.


Week Three: Release Your Money Blocks

Creating a abundant money mindset is so key to actually magnetizing the good stuff. This week will be all about upleveling your wealth consciousness, releasing any money blocks and becoming a magnet for all that you desire. Hello, money manifesting maven!


Week Four: Be the Woman You Want to Become

You know the woman/coach/entrepreneur that you imagine yourself being? That super confident version of yourself? That version of yourself that has it all together and is totally kicking ass? Yeah, that version. (I know you know what I’m talking about!). This week you will make massive mindset shifts so that you can embody this version of yourself NOW (not once you’ve booked those clients, or launched that program…now!)


Week Five: Create Unstoppable Momentum Through Massive Inspired Action

** In Week Five You’ll have a 1:1 Next Steps Session With Hayley**

How many times have you thought about doing something, but didn’t follow though? This week you’ll adopt the mindset of MASSIVE inspired action. Accomplishing your dreams doesn’t have to be hard or take forever. This week you will discover how to compress timelines, become a ninja implementer and take the bold steps that you need to take to get to the next level in your business.


Ready to rise up?



This program is held completely online

So you can take it from anywhere in the world!


Week One is released August 11th 2017

You’ll get access to week one on this date, and we’ll record the module live on this date as well. Then Week Two is released the following week, and Week Three the week after that, etc. You’ll have all the course content forever (unlimited replays!).


Soul Alignment Session with Hayley

In Week One you’ll have a 30 minute 1:1 Soul Alignment Session with Hayley via Skype to get clear on your deepest desires for your life and business and what you want to manifest through the Rise Up program. You’ll get access to Hayley’s online scheduling system so that you can book a time and date that suits you.


5 x 60 minute modules

Then each week we will come together to record the 5 modules live, and there will be plenty of time for you to get all your questions answered at the end of each module recording.


Unlimited Replays and Access for Life

If you can’t make the live recordings, that’s totally fine. You’ll have lifetime access to the replays and you can pre-submit questions to Hayley via email as well.


Integration Workbooks

Each week you’ll have an integration workbook for you to take the work you are learning in the module and implement it into your own life. This is where you will be doing the real work, and creating massive shifts in your life and business. (read: this. is. powerful.)


High Level Support From Hayley

I’ll be here for you every step of the way. You have so much access to me, it’s not even funny!

I’ll be available to you for voice note support via the Voxer app (think of it like a walkie talkie between you and me!), and I’ll also be inside our private Facebook group on the daily to support you with any questions or struggles you have.


1:1 Next Steps Session with Hayley

Then finally, in Week Five (the final week), we’ll have a 1:1 Next Steps Session together via Skype, where you can make sure you’ve got everything you need to from the program, and together we will make plan to keep you manifesting massive results after the program has finished.


By the end of this program you’ll feel empowered to be the bad ass, confident, totally boss version of yourself that you want to become.

And when you step up like that? That’s when you manifest massive success in your life and business.

Imagine how different your life and business would look if you could become that version of yourself over the next five weeks?


I’m a success mindset coach for spiritual female entrepreneurs, and I’m wildly passionate about helping you overcome your worries, doubts and fears so that you can powerfully manifest the business and life you dream of.

Combining my Honours degree in psychology, and my training as a coach through Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, I empower women to overcome a lifetime of limiting beliefs that are blocking them from the success, impact, abundance and freedom they desire.

I believe that anything and everything is possible for you, and it’s my absolute mission to help you to believe that too.

You see, once you truly (and I mean truuuly) believe that you really can have, do, be and achieve whatever it is that you want, you become limitless:

  • You go big
  • You don’t make excuses
  • You do it all
  • You’re unapologetic
  • You don’t care what they think
  • You’re all in

And when you show up like that? Well, that’s when big things happen.

I know because when I founded and (tried) to grow my coaching business, everything felt really haaaaaard.

I’ll be real, it was a major struggle.

I was learning all the biz building strategies, taking all the courses and doing all the things, but nothing seemed to be working (can you relate??).

I kept thinking that the success I desired was waiting for me on the other side of my next opt-in, my next email newsletter, or my next promotion…

In reality, the success I dreamed of was waiting for me on the other side of all my worries, fears and doubts.

It was my MINDSET that was the biggest barrier between me and the life and business I dreamed of.

It was my mindset that was stopping me from rising up…

But once I committed myself to doing the inner work, everything started to change…

  • I stopped caring what other people thought of me… which meant that I could show up as my authentic self in my business and share in a way that would actually attract my soulmate clients
  • I started believing that I really did have what it takes… which meant that I spoke with confidence and conviction about my services and prices (and I stopped dreading the question ‘so, what do you do?’)
  • I cultivated a faith that I am being guided and that this venture is a success… which meant that I was able to drop the struggle and become the boss goddess that I truly wanted to be.

You see, I needed to believe that what I wanted was possible, before it could be possible.

I needed to banish these limiting beliefs in order to uplevel in my business.

And I needed to create a mindset for success before I could rise up and manifest the success I desired.

In this group program I bring together all that I know and have learned through my own journey to help you create a kick ass success mindset and finally rise up and  manifest the impact, freedom and abundance you desire.



Questions and Answers

How much access will I get to Hayley?

Lots! You will get 1:1 access to Hayley in two 30-minute Skype sessions, as well as voice note support from Hayley via Voxer (a voice note app – think of it like a walkie talkie), lots of support in the private Facebook group, as well as weekly Q + A sessions following each module.

Is this course for coaches only?

No! If you’re a spiritual female entrepreneur who is ready to rise up and become the woman she was born to be, then this program is for you.

The mindset shifts, practical strategies, and spiritual work contained in this program will help you to manifest the success, impact and freedom you desire whether you’re a coach, healer, consultant, in direct sales, an author, a blogger, or work in the online world.

If you’re a good hearted woman and you’re in the business of helping others, then this program is for you


I’m busy! What if I can’t make the live recordings for the modules?

No problem! The modules will be recorded live but you will have access to UNLIMITED replays within the membership site. So if you can’t watch the modules live, that’s no problem at all.


Can I submit questions for the Q+A session ahead of time?

Absolutely! If you can’t attend live or you don’t want to ask a question live you are so welcome to send me any and all questions before hand. You can send your questions to hello@hayleytapper.com.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I love payment plans! All payment options are below.


Do you guarantee results?

I deeply believe in the principles I teach in this program, this is the work that changes everything. But it only works if you work it. So I can only guarantee results equal to the work you put in. But I know you’re the kinda girl who’s ready to do the work 😉

How long will I have access to the program materials for?

For life! You get access to unlimited replays as well as all the course material and bonuses for life (except the voice note support – that is only for the duration of the five week program)


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this program, I generally do not offer refunds. I put my absolute heart and soul into my work and always aim to provide you with massive value, and I am confident that this program is right for you.

However, I pride myself on my customer service, and want to keep my tribe happy. So if after the first module you are genuinely unhappy with the program, I will give you with a refund provided you submit your workbook to me to show that have done the work, and you let me know within 48 hours of the module recording that you don’t want to continue in the program.

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