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Get Crystal Clear on Your Deepest Desires

You’ll get crystal clear on what you truly want to manifest (not what you think you should manifest)

Amp Up Your Success Mindset

Learn how to drop your messed up limiting beliefs like they are SO last season, and upgrade your mindset to match your desires.

Create Your Manifesting ‘Spells and Potions’

Heighten your manifesting powers with your unique mix of spells and potions that will help you call in your desires quickly (because what’s the fun in waiting?!)

BONUS Manifesting Magic Weekly Planner

Get access to my personal weekly planner that helps me tap into my intuition, stay connected spiritually, and manifest like a boss.

What other girlbosses are saying…

“Hayley is full of compassion and confidence – and is an unstoppable manifesting queen. Working with her will have you get crystal clear on your desires and allow you to move through past blocks that have been holding you back to finally fall in love with your life. You’ll have a balanced life that is completely in tune with your feminine energy, attract the money you desire and deserve, and develop unwavering belief in yourself and in your ability to turn your dreams into your new reality. “Having it all” will no longer be a myth with Hayley – she will show you exactly how to get there!”

Marie Lexa,

“Ever thought about manifesting but that it sounds a bit ‘woo woo’ and not legit? If you need an intro to manifesting and making things happen in your life then this spellbook is what you need. It’s worth the very short amount of time it will take you to complete to learn a new skill, understand how manifesting can change everything and cultivate a new habit that will serve you well for your future. Hayley has poured love and so much insight into a beautiful document that I would pay good money for (but don’t have to because it’s free!).

Ellie Swift,

Ready to manifest a life you’re crazy in love with?

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